Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


Good idea @dee, I’m in :slight_smile:


I’m flexible on which day so I’ll see what any others say.
@philipmcmanamon ??


One person on Slack said a lot of the slots appear to be booked already. I’m randomly going for 10.00 on the Tuesday morning. Is that any good for others?


Yes please.
Any slot or Day is good for me. :sunglasses:


OK, I’ve ordered 4 spare tickets for that 10am Tuesday morning (7/8) slot - one for you @philipmcmanamon, and 3 for the first 3 people that put their hands up :sunglasses:


Thanks. @Sylv put her hand up before me. :+1:t2:


Gwych! That’s 2 tickets gone, 2 left. Anyone want to join us?


Thanks Dee, that time’s fine with me


I rarely watch Pobol y Cwm these days, so I don’t visit this thread very often, but you may be interested to know (if you don’t already) that there is a rather neat way of hiding spoilers, that I’ve only just discovered.

(I tried one way that didn’t work, then found another way that did! :slight_smile: )

I’ve posted about it in the RaR thread:


So does Non know DJ’s password? This is getting a bit too tense for me!


Have only managed to get a few minutes in to the episode (thank you internet for teaching me patience) but I’m already wondering WHY Sioned would even go to the pub with Gwyneth, when not that long ago she was half dead in hospital having been pushed down the stairs and left for dead by… (drum roll) GWYNETH! What is the point of being so evil and never having to pay for it? Where is my closure???


It’s over, phew, it’s over. DJ is off the hook!!

Can’t wait for Gwyneth to come back to face the music. Or, on past PYC form, perhaps everyone will have a slanging match but then they all, including Gwyneth, will go back around DJ’s for a drink.


I’m really glad it was Sioned who discovered Gwyneth’s little trick. She suddenly gone from passivity itself - letting Gwyneth herd her about and dictate her every thought, to her old, more gutsy self. Let’s hope other aspects of her old self don’t return too…
Wonder how Gwyneth will wriggle her way out this time?


Didn’t Sioned tell DJ it couldn’t have been him, but gave no explanation why. I bet it will still go on and on without Gwyneth being nobbled. I can’t understand why everyone haven’t realised that it is Gwyneth making the bullets for others to fire. All will be revealed on Monday???


Did you watch last night’s episode @garnetcalder? It was fairly obvious that Sioned spotted something in the photos that gave Gwyneth away, her reflection in a window or mirror perhaps? I was sitting there going YES, YES, YES, FINALLY!!


From Sionned’s reaction it is obvious she saw something in the pictures that would clear DJ, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see exactly what she saw. Maybe Gwyneth in a reflection somewhere?

Edit: crossed wires with Dee, there, yn amlwg :slight_smile:


Just watched omnibus had to wait all week to read this thread. So glad Gwyneth has been found out. I’m going to guess and say reflection in a mirror. I hope now for some citizen justice at the minimum.



Looking forward to tonight. I reckon DJ will be seen sleeping in opposite room. The door will be ajar and he will be seen via a mirrored reflection. As long as he is off the hook I’m not to fussed but would be nice to see Gwyneth banged up.


Interesting, I didn’t think of that, but yes, very possible although I hope not really. I hope there is absolute proof that it was Gwyneth, but at least they know that DJ was being deliberately framed, and Gwyneth must be the number one suspect!


I still have 2 tickets if anyone wants to join us?