Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]




Spoiler for tonight’s episode.

I have seen a clip of tonight’s show on PYC Facebook page.
My theory is wrong. :astonished:


(Fingers in ears and eyes shut!) - I’m really looking forward to it now, but that’s exactly why I don’t look at PyC on FB :smile:


Ha I heard lots more on radio Cymru but my sealed :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve watched last night’s episode now - come ON Sioned! Make that phonecall!


So now Sioned has gone AWOL with the evidence? I’d go bonkers if someone just wondered off with my laptop. I think DJ should have taken it in himself - it would have forced Sioned’s hand a bit, but meant that there would be a warm reception waiting for G on her return, gan yr heddlu.


You’ve summed up my thoughts exactly. How idiotic can anybody get?


I think that at least once in each episode :smile:


Three cheers for Britt humouring Colin and supporting him through his musical low patch! Hilarious!


I bet Gwyneth will get off now. Damn and blast.


Woohoo best episode for a while. Who guessed that ending. :thinking::astonished:


Absolutely! Although I do wish Sioned would stop nicking all DJ’s technology - he’s now without phone or laptop!
And Eifion! WHAAAT??


Did she take his phone? I thought he said he would send it to her. :thinking:


I thought he said we can make a copy on the way (at yr heddlu), or something like that? I could easily be mistaken. It was the way she was clutching his phone, looking a bit wild eyed and (again) trying to stop him ACTUALLY clearing his name - I think she’ll have his shoes next. :joy:


Haha they are dragging it out. Big cliff hanger to keep us waiting during the eisteddfod.


Eifion!!! Beth?! Didn’t see that coming!


Please no! I don’t think I can take much more! :scream:


Was last year’s Eisteddfod cliff hanger the “Armed response incident in Cwmderi” or was it Colin being run over?

I can’t remember!


So Hywel the Hipocrite, who has had affairs with half the women in Cwmderi, suddenly can’t stomach it when the tables are turned. Where’s my fiddle? :violin:


I only started watching again after joining SSIW in November so not sure. :thinking: