Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


Here are the other dates for anyone that’s interested.


Da iawn ti. Well there will be some that you can cut with a knife, but there will be some others more familiar to you. Mwynha!


Can anyone remember what was the big issue between Siôn and Macs in the past? I remember Macs losing it after he was abused by his friend (?) or a flatmate (?) and Macs was with Sioned at that point, but I can’t remember what happened after that, and why there was a big bust up. I know Siôn pretty much ordered him to leave Cwm Deri though.


I think there was a mention of an abduction but not really sure where that fitted into things either. He is also father to ffion’s? child

On a separate note does anyone else think sioned may have lost the baby but pretending she hasn’t to keep Gary?


Yes, definitely Arwen’s father.

I’ve been wondering that myself about Sioned. It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to break up Gary and Dani before ‘discovering’ she’d lost the baby.


I’m just catching up with a few episodes and have to have a little winge. During the episode from the 4th July (just after 2:30 in) in a campsite just outside Kidwelly Colin is making his way past a tent and, in his typical Charles Hawtrey style, trips over a guy line and then passes a small family and says, without hearing a word from them, “good morning”.

Dechrau pob sgwrs yn Gymraeg Colin! Pob blydi sgwrs!


Looks like we’re wrong so far about sioned.


It does indeed - interesting. I’ve been away and still one episode behind, but very glad to see Jim and Eileen back together :smile:


I started watching Pobol Y Cwm late last year. There’s a number of things I’m not familiar with. In the PYC facebook group people were commenting about the “opportunity” that Wil has in Canada and Sheryl being selfish for wanting him home. I thought he was just living with his father. What opportunity does he have there that would make it selfish for his mother to want him to live with her?


That’s a good question. It seems to reflect some kind of idea that living in Wales would hold him back and to have more opportunities young people need to leave. I think it says more about the attitudes of the people making the comments than the show itself - a bit sad in my opinion.


We were visiting Castell Penrhyn yesterday and I spotted “Gethin” walking in from the carpark WITH ANOTHER WOMAN! No Wonder Ffion is always naggy with him.


So… what about Ed being back then?


And the look on Sioned’s face…


I had a feeling he wasn’t dead but it was good seeing her face


Poor Mark though! Although when he tried to strangle Ed, Ed could have done the decent thing and looked like it hurt or something. I got the impression he was just mildly put out.


Still getting my head around the fact that Sioned and Whatsername took a taxi from Cwmderi (which is supposed to be somewhere between Llanelli and Carmarthen) all the way to Swansea for that gig!?!

I know she only recently pocketed £25,000 from Garry - but there’s a perfectly good train and bus service from Carmarthen to Swansea High Street!!!


Poor Britt! I was literally wincing when she started giving the password to a stranger on the phone, guessing what was coming next. My mum got caught by a phone scam once and it still makes me sick to the stomach to think of people preying on the gullible like that. Kudos to S4C for showing how easily it can happen.


I think it is probably the first time that I felt for someone in a soap, normally the reaction is something like ‘this is going to be interesting’. However, I thought he inherited £250k so what has happened to the rest?


I felt for Britt too, but I was practically screaming at the screen for her to tell Col so they could try and actually DO something about it!


Well, some of it disappeared when he lost the drone with the camera I guess …