Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


If there are any available for next year definitely post them. I may have to book a trip just to attend.


I’d love to do a set visit as well. When my daughter was with me in Cardiff, she worked at BBC Llandaf, and looked out over the Pobol set. Once when it snowed, she and others went out and built a snowman there. They were hoping to see it show up in an episode of Pobol later, but it got demolished before filming :smile:


I’m so frustrated with this whole Britt being scammed thing. EVERYONE knows you have to act fast - contact the bank, contact the police, and you have a chance of stopping it. I want to throw something at her!


Me too - what is she doing? Even if she could find the money and put it back in his account, she couldn’t hide what had happened. I mean, he’s going to look eventually. She might as well fess up now! :rolling_eyes:


Wow, Friday’s episode was a shock at the end! Anything could have happened! They know how to keep you on the edge of your chair, don’t they!




I just finished watching omnibus. I was sat here waiting for something of that ilk to occur but even so…

Also would I be right to think the special guest had been taught sufficient Welsh for his lines?


According to the Beeb, he has done an Wlpan course. He’s been living in Wales a while, and is fond of the language, although I don’t know how much he speaks day to day (he seemed to pronounce things well, but they didn’t give him much to say, did they?). I thought he wasn’t much good as a guest judge seeing as he had to leave after only a couple of dances!


Fair play to him then, it was just the lack of lines gave an impression of lacking the skills. I was surprised the judge left so early too did kinda defeat the point.


I felt the same. It wasn’t just the lack of lines, the ones he had were very simple, so I wondered how much he could speak so I googled it.
Perhaps his fortune telling skills were pretty useful - he did leave just before roof fell in! Obviously knew something everyone else didn’t!


There’s an interview with Russel Grant about appearing here

And I see there’s also a new Q&A with Emily Tucker (Sioned) here

Some good storylines at the moment!


Took me a while to work out that the thing most people don’t know about Emily Tucker is that she has seven tattoos. I thought she had seven potatoes! :joy: I was like ‘Cool! Me too! I’ve got loads of potatoes!’ :joy::joy::joy:


Good on Russell Grant. I don’t know if anyone else though the same thing but I though it was disappointing that Suzanne Packer (Colin Jackson’s sister, casualty star) wasn’t given a Welsh speaking part as I am sure she was one of the contestants in a Welsh language intensive week or so.


Oops, in Bang of course…


She’s really into fitness too, as you can probably tell. She finished 3rd in the UKBFF Welsh competition last year and posted a pic on twitter at the event. That’s a lot of hard work and dedication.


I’m about 8 days behind everyone here - but I follow PyC on Facebook and S4C have been giving away most of the storylines anyway… so I’m not actually missing anything.

I’m as up to date as when Bryn Fon… I mean the Doctor falls on the floor and starts screaming and shouting.


Which time? :wink:

He’s definitely having some kind of PTSD, was he in the forces? I guess he’s about the right age for the Falklands conflict, who knows.

I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, I’m always at least one episode behind, usually more.


I like Suzanne Packer. She talks about the Welsh aspect of the show in this interview
and mentions that she’s a learner. I thought that Bang probably did quite a good job of portraying the mix of language you might find in such a situation, but yes, it would have been nice to hear her speak Welsh.


Just that fact makes me tired enough to go and sit down and eat potatoes.


So, I’ve just watched Wednesday’s episode … it turns out that Dr. Elgan is suffering from PTSD but from a car crash, not what I was expecting but then these things rarely are. I thought the computer game incident from last week was a big clue to being in a conflict but I was wrong.