Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


That’s what I thought about Dr Elgan too. Was it me or did everyone well enough to wake up did so all at once. I record the omnibus on a Sunday and then don’t read this thread till I’ve watched it.


And what was Ffion thinking? Why would she keep that from Gethin? Perhaps she’s pretending it’s not happening, but it definitely is - she couldn’t have kept the biopsy secret, could she? And if she wanted to keep it quiet, why tell Sion???
Haven’t seen last nights yet, mind…


Could someone tell me how Sion managed to remove Gwyneth from her half share of his house? All I know is that the paperwork was signed, then when they separated she went after her share, and then… I think I stopped understanding the Welsh sub-titles!! Also, he gave all his furniture away and now has a really amazing set, where does his money come from, can’t just be translating stuff, can it?


Gosh - I had no idea there was all that at the back, when she came home with Macs and moved back in there! Awkward!


You’ve got me trying to remember now - it all gets so convoluted.

Macs turned against Gwyneth after she tried to poison Sion, and they got evidence to prove it, so Gwyneth was forced to back off. I think that’s how it happened. Gwyneth and Sioned deserve each other!


What do you think of the latest Elgan twist? Doesn’t know what truth is?


I was more convinced by it this time - the car crash thing didn’t seem quite right. Wonder what he’ll tell the next person who asks?


It fitted better with what expected explanation was especially when he said it’s a bad time of year just before remembrance. However what about the dead wife that isn’t?


Every time I see that poor child who plays the part of Arwen I wonder when they will take pity on her and find another child who actually understands what’s going on. She looks like she hasn’t a clue most of the time. How old is she supposed to be?


I think she’s meant to be five. And she is in real life I think - her mum is on FB.
She is definitely the most placid (and silent) five year old I’ve ever seen! She’s also the only kid we seem to see at the moment in PYC - I don’t know what people do with their kids in Soapland! Although Monday’s episode did have Arwen, Ester and Jason’s baby all in one place. The rest of them are all magically elsewhere for most of the time.
I think Elgin’s going to catch a chill out in the woods under his little tarpaulin!


If she’s really 5 then I’m amazed! She doesn’t utter a word. Most kids that age are well into ‘make believe’ and playing games pretending to be others. She just looks like she’s staring at someone off camera all the time.

But yes, I agree with you about the invisible children. I had nowhere near that much social life when my kids were young, and if I did go somewhere I generally had to take them with me! Still, we all know soapies aren’t real life, diolch byth!


Yes - they all go and do normal stuff all day! And go to the pub for lunch! Not mauled by a screaming mob of small people (er fyddwn ni ddim yn moyn nhw’n wahanol o gwbl :joy:). Yet no one seems to be taking care of them either. I keep thinking that Dani will get a shock when she has the baby, but she won’t will she? She’ll probably hardly notice![quote=“dee, post:171, topic:7941”]
Still, we all know soapies aren’t real life, diolch byth!

Thankfully yes! I don’t think I’d cope, living in the Cwm!


OK, I think the Elgan storyline is perhaps going a bit over the top - that howl of rage last night!

As well as invisidble children, no one seems to do any work at all - is someone filling in for the Dr? Is anyone still working in the school?

Anyone else think Dani’s baby will be born on Christmas day?

I’ve been trying to switch to watching with Welsh subtitles, which I really like, but I’m having problems using the S4C ap on the ipad - either the subtitles just stop half way through or sometimes it just shuts down. I much prefer watching on iplayer but I don’t think you can get the Welsh subtitles there which is a shame.


Interesting. The S4C app on my Android phone doesn’t have any subtitles whatsoever, or at least I’ve not been able to find a way to turn them on.

Don’t get me started on this. I tried politely asking the BBC if they could add support for the Welsh subtitles for those S4C programmes that have them. Since at present, the iplayer viewer only has provision for subtitles on or off, it needs to be tweaked slightly to make it more like the Clic viewer in that respect. But they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about (or pretended not to) and were trying to foist the blame on to S4C. After tearing my hair out for a while, I gave up. While we have Clic, I guess it’s not really a problem (although I did wonder whether getting rid of Clic might be a small economy S4C might want to make at some time in future, given that it’s “all” on iplayer now (“all” except the Welsh subtitles of course).

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent of Clic on our newish smart TV, so it has to be iplayer. (If I try watching it via the web browser, subtitles don’t seem to work at all - the browser interface is pretty hideous, to be honest).


Living in London, Pobol y Cwm is the cornerstone of my Welsh learning (not that I understand much of what is being said). I have just started using the ‘Sain Descrfio’ (or something like that) which adds more language and is very clear in diction so hopefully others have tried that (my laptop does have a heart attack when I click on the icon though but then settles down as long as I don’t touch any keys). Incidentally I can get clic on my TV but takes a while to get to the bookmarked page. On the Elgin topic then how come Garry has suddenly become human, I would have thought he would have thumped him by now.


I just had an email n/l from S4C and it warns of time changes for Rownd a Rownd which I watch and have warned my fellow fans, but ALSO for Pobol y Cwm starting immediately after Christmas. I tried Pobol years back and somehow didn’t stick, so I am not sure what time you are used to, but it will be 7.30 p.m.!!!


Ive just started using sain disgrifio (on my desktop) and you are right- its clear and adds more Welsh.

What make is your tv? Ours is Samsung & Ive not been able to find a Clic ‘app’ Have to use Iplayer which has no Welsh subtitles. :rage:

On my Android phone I have the S4C app but that has no subtitles at all, not that I can see anyway. But had got the impression others had a different experience so it may be device dependent.


95% of the time I use my laptop to watch Clic as I have had problems with using the TV, as you say, no App. I have got a Sony TV and I just find the web page (it isn’t IE but can’t remember which it is) and have bookmarked Clic. The whole process on the TV is difficult though and sometimes I can’t get to click on the sub-titles or sain disgrifio buttons but it does take me out of my comfort zone! I am sure that I couldn’t get Clic on my Samsung Android phone before but tried it the other day and, via the website rather than an App, watched PyC with the same functionality as my laptop so you may want to try that again if you haven’t done so recently.


Have just caught up with this discussion and it might be of interest to know that you can get Welsh subtitles on S4C’s own website (rather than iplayer), at least I can on my PC:-

There are three icons on the bottom right of the viewing screen, the left of these is the subtitles option, you can use it to select English, Welsh or no subtitles.

Hope this helps.


Yes I do that on my PC.

But on our (newish) smart tv, there is no Clic app so iplayer seems to be the only option. (i tried using the browser on the S4C website directly but could not get subtitles to work at all that way).