Apps: Known issues and workarounds


That sounds as though you might not be logged in? Are you on iOS or Android? :slight_smile:


Hi Aran! In the settings tab I do look like I’m logged in. Trying to be “smart” I just logged out and thought “I’ll log back in with Facebook”, but now I can’t get back in at all. The password I had written down isn’t working. Is there no way of logging in with Facebook? Could it be I’ve ended up with 2 accounts?


That sounds like iOS rather than Android. I cannot offer any more help than that I’m afraid - no idea how the iOS app handles logins with Facebook (Android app doesn’t support it, for reference).


I’ve just logged into my account on desktop, and this version also doesn’t know that I’ve already subscribed. Any ideas? I am happy to subscribe again but will it charge me twice?


@Kinetic usually steps in for cases like these…


This sounds as though it needs a bit of Jeffness @lewie, possibly in combination with some Ifanicity… :slight_smile:


Are you logging in via Facebook? If so, unfortunately, that’s not at present supported in the apps.


Did you pay for the lessons when signed in via Facebook? If so, a workaround, which I hope works :wink: is to either remember, or create a non-Facebook logon id. Then, PM @Kinetic and ask him to transfer your subscription to your non-Facebook id. Then you’ll be able to log into the app, and access your Level 2.


Yes, I think that’s the problem! I do have one with and one without Facebook and I want to use the non-FB account for my paid classes but paid on the other one.


I’ll ping @kinetic :slight_smile:


(Replying on the PM thread started by Kerstin.)




I just wondered if anyone else had a problem yesterday (29/01/2018). On my iPad the Forum would not appear! It is fine this morning. I had a long power cut here a couple of days ago, but the app worked after that! Everything else I use my ipad for seemed fine yesterday and I could log into SSiW on the ipad and get the Forum OK, so it was only the app at fault!
Sorry @Kinetic, but I thought you might like to know!


The intro mentioned in level 1 did not play beforehand. I found the link to it in FAQs but but when you select -Let’s go it returns to the FAQ list.
Am I missing something?


Is this an FAQ on the website, or available directly in the app?

(In either case it sounds as though the link in the FAQ list needs broken)


Another app/technical issue I’m afraid. I have installed apps for SoundCloud and AudioCopy. The plan was to record myself on AudioCopy and then send to Soundcloud but this transfer does not always work. However, everything I have recorded stays available on AudioCopy so why do I need Soundcloud as well? Is there something that will be revealed in the future that we don’t know about yet?
I think the course is fantastic. I can’t believe how much Welsh I now know even if it does not come out very easily at the moment!


Hi Colin - this thread is for issues with Say Something in Welsh’s own smart phone apps - you’ll have more luck getting help with soundcloud/audacity by posting your question as a new topic directly in the main Welsh category


Best support for this will probably be in Slack, Colin - there’s been a huge amount of excellent support work going on in there, and summary documents and so on… :slight_smile:


I will give you quick reply though.

We use Soundcloud because the recordings nicely embed into the forum posts with just posting the link and that’s probably all on why we use SoundCloud. Pure practicality it is I believe. I’m not sure AudioCopy does the same but you can try.

However, as @jamesmahoney says, this thread is for SSiW own apps (iApp and Android app) so we prefer not to put questions about other apps which are not directly related to SSiW into this thread for (again) pure practical reasons.

Hope you can understand the neccessity of this.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hi just bringing up an issue with the android app. Discovered today that there are only two listening exercises within level one on the app. Not sure how many there should be but number 3 is definitely missing. Thanks