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Apps: Known issues and workarounds


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
Strange things often happen, with computers and phones!

Here’s another tip you might try:

p.s. I know you said you prefer to stream the lessons, but downloading even just one may help finding the solution in this case.


@Scarlett - sorry, I somehow missed seeing this thread. Are you still having troubles, or have things gotten sorted?


Hi Lewie, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah I’m still having issues, it’s odd. I’ve just updated my iPhone to the new iOS but SSIW is still being a bit buggy.

Sometimes I open the app and it says I need to log in. Sometimes I open it and I’m already logged in but some of the lessons are greyed out, and it’s not consistent which ones will work and which won’t. If I go to the forum and then back to the challenges it sometimes makes them playable, but not always. They often have the three “loading” dots on them even when they should be already downloaded to my phone, and I’m using my WiFi.

Thank you in advance! I assumed it would be a known problem but it looks like it’s just me. I wonder if it’s conflicting with another app or something?