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Apps: Known issues and workarounds


@gregead you don’t have a subscription with us.

If you liked Challenge 1 and you’d like to continue on, just go to or select ‘Subscription’ from the menu at the top of the website and you’ll be able to subscribe there.


But why do I have to pay? There are several posts on different threads on forum that say Course 1 is free! I attach a screenshot as proof.
No offence but I do not think £10 a month is a good price to pay for a Free Welsh language course. Please respond.
Kind Regards,



The forum dates back several years so some of the information is by now outdated and the first 15 lessons are no longer free.
Here is the post (from 2020 - your screenshot pre-dates this) explaining the end of the free content The (almost) end of 'free' SSiW


There is a lot more available now than when the lessons were free. By registering for the 6 Minutes a Day course at no extra charge, you have the possibility of participating in online group sessions with a tutor every day Monday to Friday. That alone is worth more than £10 a month.