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Aran is getting everywhere


After Calon Lan was sung in San Steffan at the end of play on Monday night we had reason to find it sung, somewhat better, on Youtube, tonight. I’m used to seeing SSIWs adverts on FB everytime I go there, but that @Aran, he’s even on Youtube adverts nowadays!:wink::wink:


Have you read his book? I read the sample on Amazon and couldn’t stop. I borrowed it from Amazon but still tempted to buy a copy. I review books on my blog and should’ve been reading others. It’ll be on there soon. It’s a funny read and I want the sequel but I think it’s going to be in Cymraeg. Gwelli fi dysgu mwy


Yeah, sorry about that… :wink:

I blame Jesse, our marketing whiz from Washington, and his friend Ian, who’s a YouTube guy currently living in Sweden. I just film the stuff and then slink off guiltily knowing that you’re going to get pestered…:wink:

I’m currently thinking that ‘A Lunatic’s Guide to Building a Language Course’ probably ought to be in English… :wink: Very glad you didn’t mind the fairly juvenile sense of humour! :heart:


I enjoyed it so much I read it too quickly :grinning:


Catrin’s always horrified when people are that kind, because it means I walk around with a smug smile for days… :wink: Diolch o galon! :heart: :star2: