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Are there any new learners in the Coventry/Warwickshire area


I am a new learner and have reached Lesson 20 at the first level. Whilst I am reasonably happy with progress generally I would surely benefit if I could find some fellow learners locally who I could practice with. I understand there may be a Coventry group?
Whilst I am Welsh by birth and exceedingly proud of it this is my first attempt to learn my native language
It’s the smaller words that tend to catch me out. I tend to remember key verbs and nouns but it’s the joined up bits that flummox me (he, she, was, it, have etc). Not to mention the mutations!
Anyway, it would be good to hear from anyone and if they are local then all the better.
DIolch yn fawr


Yes there are some welsh speakers local to you. Perhaps one will come back to you during the week.