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Ask your FIRST question about SSiW in here...:-)


Hi Emma. I’d say that you are getting on much too well at 80% to be going over stuff, other than to try Delaware’s suggestion, unless there’s a particular word or phrase that you are desperate to check on. The thing is, that it will be revisited a number of times in the next few Challenges. Also, the advice about hitting 80% has changed now, even though it’s a bit tricky to edit it out of the podcast - so we’ve been asked to disregard it.

Well done if you are getting 80% of the stuff correct on the first attempt - Wow! I bet your family are really impressed with you when you get chance to try stuff out on them.


You’re flying through it, Emma - that’s a terrific level of achievement… :star: :star2: No, you definitely don’t need to be repeating… :slight_smile:


Wow everyone. Thank you so much. That’s just what I needed to hear and to have the little bump to keep going. I know after challenge five it says to repeat challenge one so fingers crossed I find that one easier. Thanks again Delawarejones, Johnyoung and Aran.


Welcome, Emma! Sounds like you are doing fantastic! Have fun and be sure to come ask any questions, and let us know how you are getting on! :slight_smile:


Quick question about finding a Welsh speaker (I’m in week 10). I have a Welsh speaking friend who is up for the odd chat, but wondering how much time we’re likely to need our Welsh speaking partner for each week, later in the course, as I know she’s a very busy person! Will it be likely to be just five minutes here and there or a bit more than that in weeks to come? Don’t want to ask her, only to find it’s more of a regular commitment than she’s really up for.

I see that there are a few volunteers coming forward on another thread, so that might be the way forward.


As much or as little as they can manage. Be sure to advise them to listen all the time to the spoken language too.


Hello I am learning lesson one ,challenge 15 ,I am trying to get on to challenge 16 , I thought that I had downloaded up to challenge 22, but when I tried to retrieve they had gone , has ssiw admin taken them back somehow ,I am not sure how much is available for free on here , please helpu fi diolch Carl


Hi Carl - only the first 15 lessons are free, so I’m afraid you’ve hit the paywall and that’s why you can’t continue.
However, there is fantastic offer on at the moment where you can sign up to the 6-minute a day course (it’ll revise the first 15 lessons, but then carry on) with the added opportunity to upgrade to the (usually more expensive) 6-month course for no added cost. The details are on this post here. Just one thing though - because there is a competition attached to it, if you do sign up, please don’t put my name as the person who told you about it. My name isn’t on the list, so you wouldn’t be valid for the upgrade. Instead, please scroll through those who have put their names down to be in the competition and pick one of those.


Hello @carl-lloyd - only the first 15 challenges are free. After that you can choose to pay the £10 a month Standard subscription, which will give you access to carry on as you were, or you can decide whether to take up one of the structured courses.
There is a special offer on at the moment as we head to our 10th birthday celebrations, which you can read about at Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


I don’t have a question, but I did think I’d just drop a line to say hello :wave:

I had started SSiW a few years ago but, life got in the way, and I had to take a break. Anyway, I’m back and I’m loving it, especially the structure. I’m managing to fit the tasks into my week and feel that, because I am doing all that is being asked of me, I am making progress.

Wendy :slight_smile:


Hello Wendy, and a warm welcome (back!) to the forum! Great to hear that the extra structure is helping you to feel on top of it - you can definitely do this… :slight_smile: :star2:

We try to increase the time as much as possible - but there’s no reason for you not to start with one person at just 5 minutes, and then keep on hunting for other people for the longer sessions… :slight_smile:


Hi there Aran, I have just completed level 4 ( well for the first time) I like to go through it a number of times before I can say I’ve completed it! I want to ask, does it matter at this stage that I don’t understand why or when that sometimes the beginning sound changes to some welsh words when speaking?


Welcome to SSiW Jeanette!
no, not understanding why or when some words change their beginning sound doesn’t matter at all at this stage. There’s plenty of time to pick up the ‘whys’ and the ‘whens’ will come naturally if you stick to the process. :slight_smile:


Okay, fabulous thank you! I won’t start panicking then yet! :rofl:


Hi Jeanette, welcome to the forum and: what Siaron said… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Also, try not to get stuck on multiple repetitions - if you feel you really need them, think about doing them in batches - so go from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10, and then do 1 to 5 (or 10) again - instead of going 11111, 222222, 333333… you’ll find it a much faster process, even if it requires a bit more trust in the method… :smiley:


Hi, I didn’t realise there was more than one version of the course and I’ve been struggling to get used to medra instead of gallu and licio instead of hoffi etc. Is there a way to switch to gogledd?


Underneath each lesson on each lesson page you should see an option to switch to the other region… :slight_smile:


Mr.Gogledd in person just wrote how to switch. :grin:

However if you’re struggling to get used to medra and licio it’s probably the de you’d like to switch to, since that’s where you find gallu and hoffi! :slight_smile:


I think your questions been answered. Don’t worry about it too much. You will get used to medru, licio, gallu, hoffi, allwedd, goriad, cadno, llwynog, efo, gyda, mwynhau, joio and the rest eventually!
The two main advantages of gog is that people for some reason don’t think you’re a learner as you speak gog, as if all learners speak de and gog accents are harder to follow than de ones (I find, don’t kill me) so learning gog makes understanding gog speakers easier, understanding de speakers isn’t usually an issue.


Hi. I am a bit confused by using bod and bo fi. In some of the examples in Challenge 4 bod seemed to be used instead of bo fi when ‘Well i mi’ and ‘rhaid i mi’ were part of the sentence and when dal was involved. Could you give me an example of when to use which one please? Thanks!