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Bod is quite complex so don’t worry, it’ll take time to get comfortable with all its forms, but tp try and answer your question simply, “bo fi” is “that I”, whereas bod is the verbnoun. To use the examples you gave, Well I mi and rhaid I mi use bod because they would be followed by “be” e.g. rhaid I mi fod yn gynnar - I must be early.
An example with “bo fi” could be dwi’n gwbod bo fi’n gynnar - I know that I am early.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Siaron. It has helped a bit. How about using still? ie : ’ I think that I still must practice more’: would that be: ‘Dwi’n meddwl bod mi dal rhaid i mi ymarfer mwy’? Your help is much appreciated by the way!


that would be “Dwi’n meddwl bod dal rhaid i mi ddysgu mwy” - the bod here does mean ‘that’, but it doesn’t have to be followed by fi/mi because the mi comes later with ‘rhaid’.


Thank you. It is staring to become clearer…!!!


Exactly this - also note that it’s pretty much impossible to tell if someone has said ‘bod dal rhaid’ or ‘bo dal rhaid’, so that element of variation really isn’t worth worrying about… :slight_smile:


On week 2 of the 6- month course and just got to the end of challenge 4. Find it hard to remember the phrase in English when a long sentence. Is it okay to write it down before I’ve said it in Welsh?


I don’t know if there is an official answer to this, except the general guideline not too be a perfectionist, just saying something is enough.

But I know many of us learners had this problem and solved it in different ways.

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