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Badge Glâs


@aran ble mae fy badge glâs Aran, os gwelwch yn dda? :thinking:


@dee can you see to it?


Sorry Maria! Aran was out of the office at a meeting for most of the day yesterday and today he’s taken our daughter to her ballet lessons. He may pop online later in the day. :slight_smile:


Diolch Catrin! X


Dee used to give badges too, that’s why I’ve tagged her earlier, knowing that Aran is always too busy with many things. :slight_smile:


I’m up and down to Caerdydd a lot at the moment, so not always up-to-date with the badges either at the moment. I’ll be catching up over the next day or so though :slight_smile:


Be’ nesa arol glas? Pa lliw? A sut?!


Dim byd arall! Ti wedi cyrraedd copa’r mynydd, ond weithiau os ti’n recordio rhwybeth arbennig, na i roi eiconau arbennig i ti :slight_smile:

Nothing else! You’ve arrived at the top of the mountain, but sometimes if you record something special, I’ll give you special icons :slight_smile: