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The general feeling was to postpone our proper group visit to St Fagans on Thursday (23rd October) until Steve can be with us. However, with one or two still keen not to miss the trip, we are still going to meet up as a little informal party come rain or come shine. Meet up at 1.30pm at St Fagans, somewhere near the entrance. There is a side gate to get in, and there should be some overhead shelter around there. At present the forecast looks reasonable for Thursday, with the worst of the weather on Tuesday/Wednesday. See you there!

And… as an extra, the following week it’s the last Thursday of the month, which means there is a Welsh tour available at the Amgueddfa Genedlaethol/National Museum in Cardiff at 1pm. (Thursday 30th October - half term week). This month’s talk is advertised online as ‘Wonky Welsh’, which looks as if it’s about mistranslation over the years, so should be fun. You have to register at the main reception desk just before the talk, and last time we met up around 12.30 for a coffee in the museum coffee shop. If you’d like to join us, look for us either in the upstairs cafe or downstairs - depending on where we’ve found a seat. Or at the reception desk at 1pm.

Palmerston Sessions - in view of the lack of people turning up, the Friday sessions are coming to an end after the final one this week. However, after the half -term break, they are resuming on Monday evenings like last year. So hopefully that means 6.30pm to 9pm from 3rd November.

Comments, additions, information etc always welcome,


We were really lucky with the weather today, and six of us had a lovely afternoon strolling round St Fagans, taking full advantage of talking to the wardens in Welsh and advertising SSIW to at least one receptive young guy. [Es i ar goll ar un pwynt, ymuno a grwp Saesneg ond paid dweud wrth bawb). Thanks to everyone who turned up, I really enjoyed it.

Last Friday session at the Palmerston Centre tomorrow if you fancy a game of Welsh scrabble. Tomorrow night two of us are off to the gig in Penarth with Al Lewis and Kizzy Crawford. Here’s the contact details if you’d like to check for tickets and reserve, cost £8. / (029) 20689888

November Hub sessions are Thursday 6th November and Thursday 20th November 2pm to 3.30pm. See you there!


I was the only one at the Palmerston centre today, after missing 2 weeks because of sick children. (Don’t blame them for stopping it!) Had a slightly more intensive game of very poor scrabble than I expected, and got to pick Sarian’s brains about all kinds of things when I could distract her from trying to help me play scrabble!
Lovely to see everyone at St Fagans yesterday. Sorry if you were lost on my account, Arianrhod, after saving me from getting lost on the way back to the car park!


Oh, I’m sorry you were on your own today Netmouse - I’d gone down with a bit of a migraine which I fully expected as woodsmoke always does that to me, but I always think it’s worth it as it’s one of my favourite scents. The first of the Gigs Bach y Fro tonight was really, really good and played to a full room at the Windsor. The next gig is on February 13th and will be a Noson Gomedi at the Park in Barry. They are planned to take place every other month, look out for more in Cowbridge and Llantwit Major.


It was great to catch up on everyone’s news today at the Hub. Then we got down to planning. We’ll still meet twice a month at the Hub - first and third Thursday at 2pm as before. In addition, we’ll be arranging outings on the second Thursday, starting next Thursday when we’ll meet at 2pm in Roath Park, Cardiff. We’ll also be going to the Taith Iaith in the Amgueddfa Genedlaethol in Cardiff which is held on the last Thursday of the month at 1pm.

‘Officially’ our SSIW dates remain First and Third Thursday at the Hub, but do get in touch if you’d like more details of any of the other things we’re up to.


It was a memorable outing to Roath Park. The wind was blowing hard enough to take the roof off one of the fairground buildings on Barry Island, so roads were closed and train service suspended. We set off anyway. The park was an oasis of calm when we reached it, and thanks to some over enthusiastic wild farmyard geese chasing us back through the park gates on our walk round the lake, the five of us had time for a relaxed coffee and chat.

If anyone is around Cardiff on Thursday 27th November, why not join us on the Taith Iaith in the Amgueddfa Genedlaethol? We meet in the Museum for a coffee at 12.30, ready to register for the tour just before one o’clock.


Our numbers are much depleted due to seasonal coughing, So we have decided to cancel our Hub get-together on 18th December. We were due to set off for Llantrisant craft centre this Thursday, but this is postponed to next year.



Our meetings in January will be on the 8th and 22nd. This is because the first Thursday of the new year is 1st Jan, which is a bank holiday.


Happy New Year to everyone - hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.

We’ll be meeting 2pm at the YMCA Hub, Gladstone Road, Barry on the 8th and 22nd January and this is usually a good opportunity to plan things for the coming weeks. Hope to see some of you there.

Before that, things are getting off to an early start in the new year. Bore Coffi in Barry Library commences Saturday 3rd January. Alternatively, there is a two day course on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd January in Cardiff, all levels of learners. The cost is £10 for one day or £12 for the two days, buffet lunch included. Two or three of us are planning on going in by train.

Activities at the Canolfan Palmerston start again on Monday evening, 5th January. On 12th January this will feature the Mari Lwyd.

We have no date yet for January’s Merched y Wawr, but Cymrodorion is meeting on Tuesday 20th January when there will be a talk on Eluned Morgan - ‘Llenor Deufyd’, starting 7.15pm in the Tabernacl Vestry, King Square.

At the end of the month - on the last Thursday as usual, 29th January at 1.05pm - the free Taith Iaith in the Amgueddfa Genedlaethol (Central Cardiff Museum) will look at the botanical collection, led by Katherine Slade and Katie Mortimer-Jones from the Natural Sciences Department. This is suitable for all levels of learners, and we meet up at 12.30 for a coffee in the Museum.

Hope there is something there to interest everyone.

PS: Here’s a link to some new year customs in Wales, including Y Fari Lwyd:!.aspx


Advance notice of a couple of things in February:

The next ‘Gigs Bach y Fro’ event will be held in Barry – a Comedy Night with Daniel Glyn, Steffan Alun and Noel James at the Park Hotel on February 13th 2015. Tickets are available by contacting / (029) 20689888.

Dydd San Ffolant - chance to meet Nia Parry and the Dal Ati team on 14th February: . Saturday course in Old Hall, High Street, Cowbridge (Yr Hen Neuadd, Y Stryd Fawr, Bontfaen) Cost: £20 Register:


Hub session tomorrow - 19th February between 2 and 3.30ish. Looks like we may be a bit thin on the ground. Please get in touch if you intend going. Otherwise, meet us in Barry library on Saturday mornings - in the room upstairs between 10 and 12.

See you soon, I hope.


We’ve decided to cancel Hub today due to half term probs getting together. If you live in the Barry area, please get in touch with our little group. Loads of people are going to classes AND using these fantastic SSIW lessons. The third step to speaking Welsh comfortably is getting together to practise normal conversation. So especially if you are level Sylfaen or Canolradd in class, or just starting out on the SSIW journey, there is a big welcome waiting.

See you soon.


Here’s what’s on in the Barry area for the next week:sunny:

This Thursday, 26 February the Taith Iaith at the Amgueddfa in Cardiff is about their collection of fossils. The bilingual tour is led by Dr Lucy McCobb. There may be problems with ‘mynediad’, so they advise phoning 0300 111 2 333 for details. I guess that’s access by steps or something but who knows. Is anyone intending to go this month? If so, I’ll go too and meet up 12.30 for a cuppa before the 1pm tour. In future they may be starting to re-run some of the tours we’ve already been on, but I’ve half an idea to discuss at the next Hub.

Sunday 1st March is St David’s Day. Ruth (Valeways) has sent out details of the Daffodil Walk - 2-5pm
"Taith y Cennin Pedr Sul Mawrth 1af, cwrdd yn y Farmers arms, St Brides 2yp.

Or alternatively, there is also the option of joining the St David’s Day march in Cardiff which I am told ends in a tavern or two.
"Ymunwch ag awyrgylch carnifal Gorymdaith Dydd Gŵyl Dewi ar 1 Mawrth gyda dawnswyr stryd lliwgar, plant ysgol a grwpiau ieuenctid wedi’u gwisgo yng ngwisg draddodiadol Cymru a llond y lle o gerddoriaeth.
Bydd yr Orymdaith yn gadael Neuadd y Ddinas am 12.30pm ac yn mynd o amgylch canol y ddinas gan ddod i ben yn yr Aes tu allan i Neuadd Dewi Sant am 1.15pm lle bydd yr ysbryd gwladgarol yn parhau â Hen Wlad fy Nhadau."

Or alternatively, there is the usual service in the Welsh language Tabernacl opposite King Square, Barry at 11am.

Tuesday 3rd March 10am Hoffi Cerdded, hoffi coffi: meet outside Coffee Cove on Barry Island.

Tuesday evening 7.30, Merched y Wawr meets in the Tabernacl Vestry. No speaker has been advertised.

Wednesday 4th March 1-3pm Is anyone interested in coming to a short WEA course in Wenvoe? Various subjects through the medium of Welsh - recently the subject has been history. Led by Carol Grant.

Thursday 5th March 2pm Meet us at the YMCA Hub for an hour’s chat.

See you all at one of these. Hwyl.


We are only meeting once in April. We’ll be at the YMCA Hub on Thursday 23rd April at 2pm. Pasg hapus i bawb.


Four of us met for a lively discussion on Thursday 23rd April. The sun was shining so warmly outside we have decided to meet outdoors for the rest of the summer, as much as the weather will allow. So if anyone is thinking of joining us, please get in touch to find out where we’ll be slurping our ice creams. We will still meet on the first and third Thursday afternoon of the month.

We are a friendly group and would love to see new people - especially those who want to start practising their Welsh.


Would it be possible to join your Thursday afternoon meet up? I’m not sure whether I’m replying to a recent or old post. Or even a Tuesday morning?


@arianrhod Have you seen this request? Looks like a newcomer for your group :smile:


Hi Norman

Delighted to see your post. This Thursday - 21st May - we are meeting up in Cosmeston country park. We’ll be in the cafe there at 2pm. You probably know where it is - between Sully and Penarth. Fingers crossed for warm sunshine - the weather has not been too kind lately.

Advance notice for Thursday 2nd July - we’ll be going on a tour of the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Tuesday mornings - definitely, please join us for Hoffi Cerdded, Hoffi Coffi. Meet for a stroll round Barry Island every first Tuesday of the month. Meet outside Coffee Cove at 10am. There is also a similar walk in Cowbridge on the third Tuesday of the month, and occasional Welsh language weekend walks - for details of all these, please see the Valeways website.

All these events are very welcoming to those with lots or a little Welsh. Look forward to seeing you.


Diolch. Mae rhaid i mi mynd i Abergavenny dydd iau. Noswaith nesa we’re away on holiday. So, sometime soon gobeithio!


Diolch, Dee. Beth am newid y wybodaeth amdanon ni ar ddiwedd yr e-gylchlythyr? Sa i’n siwr a fyddwn ni’n cwrdd yn y YMCA Hub o hyn ymlaen. Gwnaiff ‘cwrdd rhywle yn y Barri’ y tro ar hyn o bryd - os yw hynny’n dderbyniol i bawb. 2 tan 3.30 y.p. fel arfer.

[Thanks, Dee. How about changing the information about us at the end of the newsletter? I’m not sure whether we’ll go back to meeting at the YMCA Hub. Is ‘meets somewhere in Barry’ acceptable to everyone? Usually 2pm to 3.30pm.]