Being De-railed by a couple of negative comments


That’s a great point. I’ve been speaking English all my life and I still learn new things every day. I’d never say “sorry mate I’m an still a learner” so I hope (fingers crossed) that when I visit wales this weekend I don’t do the whole “I’m a learner” thing in welsh but say “dw i’n siarad dypyn bach” or something along those lines! Here’s to wishful thinking haha.


Haha fantastic lol, not sure why I was so apologetic for years,!!! X


Bloody well DONE YOU… :thumbsup:


Totally agree, well said aliC!


That is really cool and impressive. :raised_hands:t4::fireworks::fireworks::sparkles::tada:


My “like” was to send you an online hug - not a “like” of what happened - not at all.

There are people who use bullying behaviour all over the place unfortunately.

How reassuring to see all the thoughtful and supportive messages here. What a great bunch of people!


Don’t be discouraged, Christina, there are all sorts of weird people out there. Here’s a phrase I learnt last week which is quite useful: ‘Heb ei fai, heb ei eni.’ lit. ‘without fault, without birth’ i.e. nobody’s perfect!


I have learnt a number of lessons from all your kind words and support :

Do not apologise for being a learner

Keep your head up high when faced with rude,
arrogant, unkind people.

Remember that it is not my fault I do not YET speak my own language

If I keep going and use the passion I have for my language I WILL be a functional Welsh speaker

I have a lot of friends and supporters on here

I am lucky I live in a pocket of Welsh speakers who are very kind and helpful especially both of my neighbours

I am lucky that my son and husband are learners too

So thank you all very much. Thank you to Aran too.


Hopefully this is ok to post on this topic -
Giving credit where it’s due.
I had to speak to a customer today and noticed that he had a fairly strong accent, so I asked him (in Welsh) if he spoke Welsh, which he did. I then asked if he was generally permitted to speak Welsh in a work setting. His reply was “They can please themselves”, meaning that he would use Welsh regardless of his employer’s views for or against.

He then told me a story, of which I probably understood about 10%, but I just kept throwing in the odd ie, iawn etc. He eventually rumbled me and explained the story in English, about a “foreign” vet (animal doctor variety), that had gone out of his way to learn Welsh out of respect to his customers. The conversation quickly changed back again to Welsh.

So, full marks to my customer for being so encouraging.


Agree with your entire posting above @Christina, except that I would fine-tune it by pointing out that not yet speaking your own language isn’t even a fault at all! Great posting by the way.


Hm… Whereas the linguistic aspect of this anecdote is correct, the story seems rather, well, to stretch the imagination. The protagonist was no fool, to say the least. The story would only seem to be credible (to me) if Menahem Begin had had access to Google Translate; he died long before it was available. Funny nevertheless!


Well, speaking no Hebrew I can’t really judge, but the incident also apparently features (in a slightly more repeatable form) in Amos Oz’s memoirs, as mentioned here, so at least it’s not hearsay – we’ve got a source. Depends whether or not you believe Amos Oz’s recollection of it, I guess.


Yeah I like that comment :innocent:


I was thinking the same thing. Your mother tongue is what You are brought up speaking not the language of the country that you live in or even of your nationality. Seeing as more than half the population of Wales don’t speak Welsh fluently or at all I hardly see any need to berate yourself. The fact you want to learn Welsh is brilliant because it’s a really fantastic language and is one of the languages of your country, albeit The original one. But in some ways it’s a bit like me berating myself that I don’t speak middle English. Ok not quite the same As that’s no longer a living language of course but I hope you understand my point. Don’t let some idiots put you off. There are snobs in every nation who will tell you off for not speaking the language properly.


Hi Helwn. Thanks for your kind words. I think the trouble is for me is that I consider Welsh to be my mother tongue, not English. I feel frustrated that the language was historically targeted and therefore my first language is English. In my heart, English will never be my mother tongue though.
This forum really helped me after the incident on Facebook and I am now half way through the 6 month course. I am actually proud to say that I left a full phone answer machine message in Welsh ordering some tickets for a concert last week. The recipient was very supportive and.kindly said I was pretty good (although he was probably being a gentleman!)
Thanks again for your support


That’s a HUGE achievement, Christina! Well DONE. You’ve got this… :smiley:


I wandered off to Hedd Wyn


(language alert for earthy humour)
Oy…what a mensch He should have known a bissel better than to slip a schmeckle or a Yutz into a yada conversation…@baruch
I have particularly enjoyed picking up some colloquial and idiomatic terms-but I hope to never make such a blunder as that (and so puvlicly).
Even though @aran Advises to embrace mistakes…that is one I would rather not, thanks!


Just what I was getting at in my last comment :smiley:


Diolch am rhannu hwn, Sean-O! Thank you for sharing this.