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Best S4C programmes for learners?


With my limited translation skills it looks like llais y lli is on again on boxing day. Am I correct? :grin:


yes, correct!
The full translation is
“The simple answer is that S4C doesn’t have the rights to show it online. It will be on BBC iPlayer until the weekend and will be shown on S4C again on 26th December at 2.05pm, if that is of use.”


Diolch yn fawr both of you, @sianlinden and @siaronjames. I had been confused by the notion that what was of use was the program, so had been going to ask you!! Now I shall be totally sure to record it on my Sky box on Boxing Day!!


p.s. Can anyone explain why Lli instead of Môr?


Poetic licence. Lli (from llif) is flood, flow or deluge (i.e. large amounts of moving water!) and of course it alliterates with llais.


Very poetic. OK I know the Towyn floods were the sea but I am used to cliffs, so floods were strictly fresh water!


… Also Lli rhymes with “sea” as well as being the matching word to “moroedd” in the song “Dyma gariad” :slight_smile:

Talking of song, am I the only one who noticed that we were stalking _the_Alys Williams in that Twitter exchange?


Anyone watching Iolo on the Great Barrier rerf. Easy Welsh and wonderful views, but sad aspects!
Edit:- Lovely section showing Tad Cassowary and the chicks he is raising! I hadn’t realised what gorgious colours the male bird has or that the poor chap is lumbered with all the child care! Apparently Mam just drops her eggs on the ground and goes, taking no part at all in looking after them or the chicks!


Being a teacher I found a great way to learn a language is by learning songs in that language.

First you learn the words to the song, then you have the words written in both the language you want to learn and your native language.


see here
Craith starts tonight!


Iolo on Great Barrier Reef, says, “Mae siarc fel torpdeo.” Me, to television, “No, Iolo bach, torpedo design was based on sharks!”


Nice one @henddraig :slight_smile: . Having either shark or torpedo heading towards you would invoke similar feelings of dread, I should imagine, and I hope never to experience either!


Yes torpedoes and for that matter, subs and most war ships look like sharks.
Slight tangent -
I just watched an episode of Cynefin (=Habitat?), about Merthyr. Very informative and OK to understand.


We’ve been enjoying Cynefin. We also just caught Huw Edward’s programme about the Welsh in London, but I think they’ve disappeared off the iPlayer now. Lots of clearly spoken Welsh and lots of interesting information too.


His book on the Welsh chapels of London is very interesting. I was lucky enough to happen upon it in our local library one day.


Anyone interested in the return of Gwaith Cartref tomorrow at 9.00 p.m. I found it OK, although some characters are very formulaic!


I’m waiting impatiently - I loved Gwaith Cartref! I’m waiting to see the lovely Annest Haf without tatoos! :joy: :joy:




Wow! Not exactly fun and games! Is the scriptwriter aiming for a job at Craith or Y Gwyll? Agonising or not?
Oh, @aran I am not sure whether to set up a Gwaith Cartref thread. If you think it a good idea, can you split this thread at my previous post mentioning the program?


I’m really enjoying Craith. So scary. I watch it with the English subtitles and then try to recognize the Welsh words that I know.


Craith has it’s own thread now…
click here to find it!