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Best S4C programmes for learners?


Thanks, I’ll go over and take a look.


More Gwaith Cartref dear, dear, still dark. Will things brighten?


Not S4C, radio Cymru - Pen Ben, quiz show and they ask the questions at a good pace.


I’ve listened to a bit of this for the last 3 weeks and I’ve really enjoyed it.


I enjoy Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol as the subtitles to the hymns are all in Welsh.


Celwydd Noeth easy to undestand because all quiz questions are written down, so you have kind of auto- subtitles in Welsh. I find some questions very easy, but if it gets to music I am clueless. Object is to spot which answer is a lie! If you like quizzes or just want a program that’s pretty good for learners, try it!


Glad you like it :wink:


Oh Your people make it do they? Yn dda iawn!


yes - and sometimes I help out the question wranglers!


Just watched Celwydd Noeth – great, easy to follow (I watch most things with subtitles, even though I know I can get the gist without, because there are times you want a bit more than just the gist, but I deliberately turned them off for this and had no worries at all) – and hugely enjoyable! :smile:


My husband and I also enjoy Celwydd Noeth. The presenter speaks so clearly and she’s lovely with the participants. The questions are fun too.


Gwaith Cartref continues with very dark edges, although a bit of light shone this week.


Oh, my education continues. I never realisd until I watched the program on R.S.Thomas repeatd this afternoon, that he too learned Welsh and that he, too, suffered the frustration of being unable to write poetry in Cymraeg! Not, I hasten to add, that my poetry in English was ever like his!
Then, I learn of the families from Patagonia, unhappy with being citizens of Argentina, who travelled via Liverpool to Canada to set up a Welsh speaking community there!
Anyone else as ignorant as me, look for Pererindod R. S. Thomas and Lleisiau Patagonia 1902.


May be a repeat, but very easy to understand. Late Rhodri Morgan finding out about the spy in his family. “Rhodri Morgan.Ysbiwr Yn Y Teulu”


I’ve been asking my husband this for sometime. He works for the BBC (although in a completely different area and would have no influence but does have some insight). He said that the audience for subtitled programmes on BBC four is much less than they would get by showing an English speaking version on BBC One. I still don’t see why they couldn’t do both, showing the Welsh version on BBC four first like they do with S4C then later on BBC one.


Another vote for Celwydd Noeth from me…but I do wonder where they find the contestants!!


Me too! I think the repetitive nature of it helps!s


I’m not sure I’d watch ‘Codi Hwyl - Yr Alban’ if they weren’t sailing just around here, but as it is, despite not being my usual cup of comedy tea, I am enjoying it. In fact, I wish there was a handy ‘puffer’ between Crinan and Oban as I cannot travel the road without stops for feeling sick and ending up exhausted! I refused a hospital appointment in Oban recently because the condition isn’t life threatening and I couldn’t face the trip!


@henddraig - I’ve done a lot of sailing in that part of Scotland visiting the many islands arrounf the west coast - Mull, Iona, Tiree, Jura Shuna, Gigha, Coll, Staffa to name a few. Had many pleasant years sailing here with my father-in-law. Beautiful


Never sailed at sea! In 1962ish used to crew a little College owned dingy, forget class, on The Welsh Harp in North London! At sea, I have always paid and been taken on boat with engine!