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Best S4C programmes for learners?


I was talking to someone recently who has been watching ‘Galw Nain Nain Nain’ on S4C. It’s very light-hearted twist on a dating show, with a ‘nain’ on the end of a microphone giving instructions to her grandaughter on what kind of questions she should ask the date to see if he’s suitable for a second chance.

Not the type of programme I would usually watch, but the person who recommended it said that because the show is all about people meeting and getting to know each other, a lot of the conversation is quite useful to people who are learning Welsh. So I watched one episode, and yes - if you look at it like that, it can be helpful.


Also love the “999” wordplay in the title.


I still use Pobl y Cwm as my benchmark for learning. Frustrating though as in some episodes I kind of get the gist completely but then on others… I may have said this before here but on Clics4c there is the ability to not only tick the Welsh subtitles button but also the sain disgrifio button. The sain disgrifio, for me, is incredibly helpful as it tells you what is happening in between conversations. The language is slower, a little more formal but clearer, it is also the kind of language I use as a learner. Sometimes it is a relief for the conversations to stop and the sain disgrifio takes over only to return to the rapid, word shortened, slang dominated slurred speech of some of the characters! One day, one day I will understand it all, okay, more than 50%.


You definitely will! I haven’t tried that ‘sain disgrifio’ button. I must give it a go.


Yes, but search for “Now Your Talking”, as the uploader has put the incorrect title on every episode!

I found that series quite useful, as it made me realise that the “sterilised” version of Welsh I was learning on Duolingo is not exactly how you’d hear it spoken by native speakers.


If you like quirky, Llanifeiliaid!


If you want to learn about Wales, then definatly Cynefin. Very interesting series. I don’t know when the next series starts or wether there is going to be another one.


I watched the first episode of Ffit Cymru yesterday. It’s a series following five people as they try to improve their health and fitness. I didn’t understand every word, but enough to understand what’s going on. The show has a fairly straight-forward format which helps with understanding.


A new programme has started on S4C called Adre. Nia Parry introduces the show and interviews well known Welsh people in their homes. She is used to teaching Welsh to adults, and always speaks very clearly. The first person interviewed is Bethan Gwanas, author of many books read by new Welsh speakers.

You can watch it on S4C Catchup here, and it’s available internationally.


I saw it without realising it was first of a series! Thanks for flagging it up!


Am I right in saying that this is a repeat from when it was half of ‘dal ati’?


I had a feeling it was familiar!


Ah, I was thinking I’d seen it before, but when I looked to see when it was first broadcast it said 6 June 2018, so I was doubting my own memory!


Repeat or not, I found Adre most useful.

As @Deborah-SSi says, Nia Parry speaks very clearly and it wasn’t too hard for me to follow even after only five months of SSiW. Having read a couple of Bethan’s books and found them accessible and useful for building vocabulary it was interesting to learn a bit about her.

I was also pleased to notice that a phrase ‘Beth am i ni gael…?’ that was introduced in the challenge I am currently working through (L2, C18) made an appearance in the form of ‘Beth am i ni fynd am dro?’ when suggesting that the pair of them go out on their bikes.


These are definitely repeats from the dal ati series but now as a stand-alone program I guess. The Adre program from the 13th with Aeron Pughe is where I heard the word ‘grimell’ first (and never again to be honest) and that must be 18 months ago or more. Very good programs though, well worth watching.


I couldn’t find ‘grimell’ anywhere and decided it must be very local to an area where fishing and farming are both done by the same people at different times of year. Anyone know for sure?


From the GPC



eb. ll. crimellau.

Trum fechan neu grib ar ben mynydd, esgair fechan; ymyl, ysgafell; yn ffig. am berson main:

small ridge or spur; edge, ledge; fig. of a lean person.


Not exactly a sea horizon, then! More : a good place to see one!


I watched Cyw last night… good god, the presenter speaks really fast! I was able to pick out a few bits and pieces, but she was far too fast for me to get any sort of real comprehension of what she was saying. I did get a bit where she asked the viewers to guess who was being a puzzle, but that was about it.

I’ll have to keep going with Listening Practice 2 for a while longer, methinks.


I am watching Aun Bore Mercher again but can’t figure out how to get the Welsh subtutles up. It is inly English though it claims there are Welsh ones. Can you help ,p me with that?