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As in the story, my afternoon didn’t work out as I had planned (nothing disastrous, but including a 50 minute phone call from my mum), meaning I didn’t have time to read it until this morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed it - it was funny - and obviously draws on your vast experience with children and life! It reminded me of some of the things that happened to me when out with my son (he’s 27 now). I can’t wait to see what happens with the characters in your novel.

I have read through it twice, with the aid of a dictionary. I did find it quite difficult in parts, until I had sorted out the vocabulary and ‘turns of phrase’ that were unfamiliar. On the second read through it was much easier - it’s an advantage too that I follow northern SSIW.

Great fun.


Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m really thrilled that you enjoyed it!

:blush: :grinning: :blush:


Huh. You try living with her…



Oh dear, once upon a time I could read Welsh, but not speak it. Now I can do neither very well, but I find that my reading is even worse than my speaking! O Mam Bach arrived, but all I have read so far is the little blurb about you at the front, @catrinlliarjones. I did know your old man had traveled a lot, but I was amazed to find you had lived in so many places.
I have put the book out of reach and don’t want to disturb my little poodle dog by moving, so I can’t check the word I have forgotten, but there was a member of your current household the name of which I did not understand. Now, having read about the Magnificent Saith, I realise it is your poor abandoned goat, but the word was not gafr, which, due to Cyw, I do know!
I look forward to my reading ability improving to the level needed to do justice to your writing!


Slight misunderstanding here - the goat lives on the forum, that’s why I was asking you all to feed it if you happened to see it…:wink:


Oh, I am glad! Drews nesa can hang out the washing with no worries! Also, was able to check unknown word and found out how to refer to my laptop. As they only eat electricity, no problem!


I still say “Goad don’t eat all the daffodils”!

I understood perfectly clear what you meant. :slight_smile:

Now, as far as concerns me, I’m leaving you to enjoyment!

Hwyl fawr!
Tatjana :slight_smile:


It appeared on skype once but nobody noticed. (may have been a different goat).

Cheers J.P.


I have no idea what all this is about!


Many thanks for that @catrinlliarjones . It’s a challenging path making a living from creative pursuits, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, but hard work and perseverance will get us there in the end! Thank’s for the offer of my sharing something on this thread.
A few weeks ago I went to a rehearsal by Cwmni Dawns Cymru where we could sketch, draw, photograph or just watch the dancers. Interestingly not one of them spoke Welsh. I painted a small oil on canvas based on that session and posted it with both a english and Welsh description so I thought that I’d share that and hopefully my Welsh wasn’t too bad! (It took me 5 min to write the English and probably an hour for the Welsh, dictionaries, revisions, more dictionaries and noooo google tranlate!)


Your painting is amazing! I thought it was a photograph at first! Da iawn!


Photo realistic painting!

I believe this says all! Da iawn.

I believe I’ll follow you on FB. (Just don’t look at my “artistic take out”. - haha

Your Welsh seams great to me too. Just mention maybe - you can’t tagg # or mention @ on FB the same thing twice. One (probably the last or all the next if there are more of the same) will be cancelled and will appear as pure text.

Now you should post more here. You do absolutely superb!


Sorry to be late to the party. What fantastic news!!! Llongyfarchiadau mawr Catrin!! It’s amazing to hear that you’ve found your feet. You have a wonderful family, an amazing house, a thriving community that 60% of whom would recognise your voice as soon as they heard it, and now a solid piece of evidence of how talented you are.

Thank you for sharing your story and so much of your life with us!!


The same way to approach speaking Welsh too eh :wink: ?


Wow, thank you so much for your very generous and warm comments. Your support is very important to me - DIOLCH! It’s all very exciting still and I’m looking forward to hear how my story is received. Fingers crossed for positive reviews!

@Richmountart you are SO talented! Your painting is incredible - you should be out there making yourself shine and basking in praise - go, go, go, go for it! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


That is seriously beautiful stuff, Richard - clearly what you should be doing, by hook or by crook… :slight_smile:


I’m hoping us mini bwtcampers will be hanging in oriel ynys môn soon! as a painting of course!


Misunderstood at first! Thought you meant you aimed to spend the time painting this masterpiece, but now I realise you mean @Richmountart to paint all of you!


I have difficulty painting a door!