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Blowing Trumpets, Writing Novels, Radio Interviews and Book Launches!


I’ve signed my first book, how exciting is that?!

We had the charming @philipnewton come and visit us this evening on his travels around North Wales and he had been to Palas Print in Caernarfon and bought a copy of ‘O Mam Bach’, which he bought with him for me to sign - lovely! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I’m jellous at you @philipnewton :smile:

Siriously well done @catrinlliarjones and Phillip!

I’m still waiting for my copy to come. Hope I’ll have it next week …


I’m jealous, too! Lucky @philipnewton! I’m also still waiting for my copy to arrive…


Good grief @philipnewton i know when we met i said you’d find a welsh bookshop in caernarfon but i didn’t expect you to buy another copy!!!


Just ordered my copy. Eagerly awaiting Gwales.Com to say “Item Despatched”



Well the book is on sale in Siop y Siswrn in Mold. Its got pride of place on the counter.

I was there today buying another ‘Stori Sydyn’ and had a nice chat in welsh again about ‘Y Stelciwr’ etc.


My copy arrived today …


Well if I am anywhere within 15 miles or so of Yr Wyddgrug / Mold in the next week I may just buy one (if it’s still there). There’s always as a fallback, but wyneb yn wyneb book buying is more fun, also good to support Welsh bookshops in the area. And an excuse to siarad Cymraeg, of course :smile:


Though not in that order :slight_smile:

I had been in Palas Print for some Story Sydyn books on the advice of @Pete2; the O Mam Bach I had ordered from the Book Depository and it had arrived the evening before I left for Wales.

And I had taken it with me on the trip in the hope that I would meet @catrinlliarjones and be able to get it autographed – so glad we were able to meet! (I had arranged to visit @aran but he had cautioned that the others would likely be away in the evening - which they were, but they came back before I left.)


So happy for you, Catrin!!! That’s wonderful news! Llongyfarchiadau!!!


Somehow missed this thread. Catrin, that’s brilliant. Being commissioned to write a novel is every new writers dream, so huge congrats for that. Will now need to seriously up my game on the reading front (yikes!). Will buy a copy and have it on the shelf beaming down at me as an incentive to crack on with the learning. Enjoy the interviews, the launch, the writing and everything else x


S’mae Catrin. Llongyfarchiadau on the published book and now the novel deal! :slight_smile:

I’m in catch-up mode, and reading this thread very quickly, so I may well have missed it, but might you have the opportunity of doing an audiobook version of either book one day?
A lot of work, I know though, and also perhaps difficult to get publishers to go for it. But if it ever came to pass, I think it would be bendigedig for learners who are getting into reading, but also want to be very sure about how exactly what they are reading is pronounced.

Hwyl fawr!



My book came today! :slight_smile:

Pretty cool to see Catrin’s photo in there :slight_smile: Now I have to see if I can read a book not written for learners…


I think we might have to do a couple of mini-lessons for it in the fairly near future…:wink:


Syniad da! That sounds like a great idea! Especially for us non-Gogs :wink:


The book O’Mam Bach was just featured on Prynhawn Da on S4C and @catrinlliarjones got a mention as a new author :slight_smile:


Oh, we missed that - we’ll have to catch it on Clic… :slight_smile:


look who has turned up in Barn!



Does it say nice things? :wink:


Here it is right-way-up. You can click on it to make it bigger, or download to allow getting it even bigger.