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Blowing Trumpets, Writing Novels, Radio Interviews and Book Launches!


Prynhawn da bawb! :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d fill you in with the latest news on my novel. Well it’s all done, apart from the printing, distribution and official launch. Unfortunately everything is currently having to be put on hold, even the printing believe it or not. But I feel happy to have it all done and eternally grateful for the opportunity to have been able to write my own novel, so will be happy when the final push happens, but I’m happy to wait patiently for that exciting time.

In the meantime, here’s the cover! :smiley:


Thought I’d share this as well - a lighthearted article I wrote for BBC Cymru Fyw about self isolating with kids… :wink:


Llongyfarchiadau Catrin! :tada: I like the cover! I’m sure it will be really exciting to hold a real printed copy in your hands, and I hope you don’t have to wait too long to do so. I’m sure my Welsh is not ready to read it yet, as I’m still reading learner books, but I’m going to try anyway :slight_smile:


Brilliant on both achievements :star: I can’t wait to buy my copy and (when the plague passes) to get the author’s signature. :sunny:



I’m loving that cover more every time I see it.

Do you have a date for release yet?


Llongyfarchadau Catrin. That’s really exciting.


Diolch @franhunni ! You are very kind! :smiley:

Long time see/speak Fran. I hope you are keeping well. :heart:


Well, here it is folks, the final finished cover with blurb and quotes on the back - it’s getting very close now! :smiley:


Yes, lots of family stuff happened and keepung up with regular pratice had to go on the back boiler. Still tried to keep up a bit (mainly rownd a rownd!). Hoping stuff is more settled so have signed up again. At presemt, revising with level two.
Your book cover is very eye-catching. Was it your choice? Are you going to be able to habe a book launch? Celebrate as much as you can!!!