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Bootcamp memories


15th Jan 2012, Caws Cenarth, one of the Bootcamp activities. What a lovely group of people!
Were you there and are you still here?


I can find @daimorgan @chrismorgan-1 @penderyn @atomic_newt @johnbowen @markparry @meirionwen - and I spy Angharad Lliar, too, so this must just be seconds before Catrin and I run for the hills in the hope that Lyn would raise her for us… :wink:


Shmae Sumsmeister,
Wyt ti wedi meistroli’r syms o’r diwedd? Gobeithio dy weld di rhywdro yn fuan.
I notice you didn’t comment on dinas’s presence, Aran - I suppose since he attends every Bootcamp, it would have been an impertinence to mention him. (Shmae Dinas!). And I can’t remember what Beavan’s pseudonym was…


Hi! Yes, I remember it well - bought a lot of lovely caws too! I am still here and teaching a Welsh class in Malvern - all thanks to SSIW. Some of them are not yet online, so can’t get SSIW direct - na druan!
Love to you all - Lyn


Who took the picture? Was it me? Is that how I avoided being in it? :smile:


You obviously didn’t complete that part of your mission because I have another photo…:stuck_out_tongue:
I also just rediscovered, in an archive, your attempt to justify torturing Bootcampees for a week.:smiling_imp: That was before you developed your now-legendary “I don’t care!!!” status…
It’s much too big a file to upload to the forum, so I’ll burn a copy and post it to you. Or should I just burn this damning evidence?:wink:


One of my favourite pictures from that week. Haven’t a clue what might have been so funny!


I’m still here! :wave: (rarely on the forum though! :flushed: ) I think that was my first bootcamp ever! Wow! Thanks for posting! :grinning:




I’m sure I took one of you standing in the bridge at Cenarth…


You mean this one? :wink: