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Bootcamp v 5 Day Intensive


What’s the difference between Bootcamp and the 5 Day Intensive?


Basically, on a 5 Day Intensive you get pushed through lessons at a high pace by a tutor. On a bootcamp there are no lessons but there are group activities, you are encouraged to go out and use your Welsh “in the wild” with locals and the rule for the whole bootcamp is Welsh only.


And for bootcamp you are expected to have done level 1, course 1 before you arrive. A fairly serious amount of work beforehand.


So the courses (5 day intensive, 6 months, 6 mins a day or otherwise) are about filling your brain with Welsh, suitably structured for subsequent usage in real contexts.

And the Bootcamp is about getting your brain to produce and release that Welsh in the wild, as a real language you can use for daily living.