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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


I tried to make a comment on my grown up daughter’s frend’s FB in English. The usual smartphone typos made my intended witty comment look a bit wierd…

I changed to Welsh and she saw the funny side.


My smartphone interprets most of my typos as Welsh anyway…


Today I had a mini conversation with the postman. Yay!


Since moving to Cardiff I’ve been having small dribs of conversations - mostly diolchs/s’maes and ordering drinks and food etc. However, I got almost three hours of conversation in on Monday at two separate ‘clonc’ groups - everyone was so friendly and I learned so much. Despite finishing level three, I am still only really comfortable with the past and present tense when referencing myself, but I can see that the practice in the conversation groups really cements it in my peanut brain! This time some forms of “bod” got cemented too which feels like a mountain as its a tricky one!


Hi Clare, I’m not very active on the forum and just come across your message about Nia in Llandudno. Is there any more info?


Hi Rohini
Nia is doing a day pit in Llandudno on Saturday starting at 10am meeting in the Causing Table at the Great Orme. This is a link to the timetable on the forum. Let me know if you find it or not and I’ll try to do it manually for you.


It should be a good day. There a few people coming already. I’m not sure if I need my bucket and spade though!


Great Clare, diolch yn fawr. I’ll try and make it and maybe bring a friend.


Hope to are you there!


This Saturday in Llandudno :sunglasses:


Wela i di yno gobeithio :slight_smile:


Mae tywydd yn edrych yn dda :beach_umbrella:


I wish I was in Llandudno. The forecast where I’m at is predicting upper eighties to mid-nineties for this week. (30-34°C). We have 31% humidity right now, and it’s miserable outside.


This week’s challenge for me at Week 4 on the Deep End is to learn a song—by heart.

I know what it will be and so far can manage the first verse of a beautiful Plygain carol that I love. It’s long though. However, there are still 167 days to Christmas… maybe 166 where you are… just saying.

Now wouldn’t that be brilliant… a Slack Plygain session around the world with folk chiming in as tradition would have us do and local time zones allow.


That sounds great. A 24 hour, online, Plygain. Count me in!


Dw i ar y fford yn cerdedd o gorsaf tren.


Lle mae pawb? Mae’na tri o honnyn ni yn y bar.


I have so many!

  1. I had a joking/playful argument with my friend in Caernarfon about sports (started over him dismissing the US women’s FIFA victory because they’re women :roll_eyes:), including some sassy responses on my part

  2. Accidentally understood a full line in Heno Yn Yr Anglesey once I learned the word “aros”

  3. Had a few drinks too many with friends, started speaking Cymraeg, someone took a video, and watching it back I saw that I was actually speaking clearly and correctly, and my tipsy Cymraeg was actually clearer than my tipsy English! Which is a good sign for when I start visiting pubs in and around Bangor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  4. Can sing/play Allwedd by Bwncath on guitar almost completely by heart and I understand 90% of it

  5. Can sing/play Drwy Dy Lygid Di by Yws Gwynedd on piano and I understand about 60-70% of this one

There’s a few others, and now that I’ve got this thread bookmarked, I’ll be sure to come back and add to my list :grinning:


Doesn’t it feel great? I was just in Wales for a week and had warned myself (this is the kind of insanity that can set in when you live alone) that if I didn’t speak to someone in Welsh on my first day (and a whispered ‘diolch’ wouldn’t count), I wasn’t allowed a G&T in the evening. I was so nervous you’d have thought I’d been asked to sing Queen of the Night at the Carnegie Hall. But I found my victims, told them ‘dw i newydd dechrau dysgu’ and was rewarded with big smiles and ‘da iawn ti’. Little triumphs…


Yes, I’m starting to say the wrong words. For instance talking on the hangout today I said 'chwarae" instead of 'chwaneg". I had no idea I had got it wrong. I know the two words since childhood, so I think it was more a slip of the tongue than a learners mistake, which I think shows that my brain is processing the language differently.