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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


Thank you! That helps me put it all together.
So it says:
Perhaps I am wanting to go to sleep

And thank you @sasha-lathrop for inadvertently introducing me to Adwaith! Both my husband and I enjoyed listening to it on the way to work .


@KellyMoore Hooray! :smiley: I’m so glad you both enjoyed it!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Diolch yn fawr iawn! Thanks @gisella-albertini @aran @siaronjames for helping confirm and clarify for me! :sunflower: It feels awesome knowing that I am starting to figure stuff out - I wasn’t even listening for comprehension, I was just relaxing and then got up to go to sleep… literally just as she sang that line! :sleeping::flushed::exploding_head::stars:


My son returned from Uni last summer, supposedly looking for a job and/or saving money to go travelling. He went to Uni the summer we moved to Wales. He has been rather disparaging about Welsh since moving back so I’ve been ignoring it and carrying trying to explain why its important etc. He has been working up at a big hotel locally which is owned by and American and they have lots of European staff who come over to learn English so not much opportunity to be exposed to Welsh. Well, he has just been asked to help out at the pub in the village which has been taken on by a couple from Kent. They have a lot of regulars who are Welsh speakers. Of course they asked him if he spoke Welsh and he said that without thinking he replied ‘tipyn bach’ He came home and said that he had no idea where that had come from ! I’m quietly smiling…



Make sure you don’t rub your hands together like Mr Burns anywhere he can see you… :wink:


It’s a different kind of breakthrough, but I have been offered a job in Cardiff, so hoping once we are settled down there I can start to use my Cymraeg more (and therefore improve loads) :smiley:
Especially as my two new bosses are both learning and were really excited to have another person to learn/chat with in the office!


Oh, fantastic - HUGE congratulations! :star: :star2:


I needed to call my son’s school today. In one of those wonderful moments of serendipitous timing, yesterday’s challenge gave me precisely the Welsh I needed to say that my son had told me something had happened in school yesterday, and could I have a meeting with his teacher to discuss it. So, so delighted! Understanding what she said back to me was a little trickier, mind…


Jumping into that kind of complexity shows a level of courage that is going to serve you very well… :star: :star2:


Wow, well done. No wonder it got complicated after saying that! The teacher probably thought that Welsh was your 1st language. :blush:


I just managed to strike up a conversation in a queue in Tescos, Carmarthen. A bit of a breakthrough, as I don’t recall ever doing that in English. What can you talk about?

I deliberately chose the slowest queue, but people kept offering for me to go in front of them or pointing out that the other queues were faster.

Onwards and upwards.


Da Iawn @JohnYoung. If you felt like coming along to the SSIW group in the Ivy Bush we’d love to meet you.


Hi Margaret. That’s very kind of you. As it happens, when I spoke in Welsh to the lady in front of me, she did immediately change back to Welsh, saying that it is important to practice and that she didn’t think there would be a lot of Welsh speakers in Skewen :slight_smile:


Now I can’t help but wondering if that was the big Tesco near the fishes?
If so, did you see the fishes? :smiley:
(they were near that supermarket, right? by the way do they have a particular name? At least I know when my tour diary reaches Carmarthen, that is very soon!)


The only Tesco in Carmarthen is very close to the fish. Which doesn’t make any sense if you don’t know about the fish.


Okay, now I’m curious about the fish! :fish: Put them in the diary, please :grin:


Well, I had seen them from the bus, without really understanding what they were. Maybe he noticed them too. And then…the mystery of the fish might be revealed soon!
(as requested by @AnnaC, now) :wink:


Unfortunately, I don’t have any knowledge of the significance of the fish scuptures. Perhaps someone else knows something?


I love this. Adding it to my note-book now.


I had my hair cut on Friday and previously I had asked the hairdresser if she spoke Welsh. She didn’t but her colleague did so I asked if she would be willing to speak welsh to me and she said yes! So we had a lovely half hour speaking Welsh!! Will be only making appointments with her in future.


Very small compared to others., but I’m still chuffed…
On a flying visit to Aberystwyth - and was practising via app when lady wanting to clean room came in. I stopped on hearing door, but commented that she’d caught me practising, that I was learning Welsh. She stopped, looked pleased, and asked how I was getting on - so I answered, in Welsh, that I’d been learning Welsh for about 3 months now - 3/4… To which I got a Welsh response! :slight_smile:
We then had a short chat in a mixture of Welsh & English - but she was so pleased that I was learning Welsh, and I was so pleased that I’d talked with her in Welsh - it made my day :slight_smile:
(And I did ask in Welsh about words I didn’t know, so that was encouraging too). Yay! Failed posting via phone though, so post has waited for me to get home!