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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


Great Clare, diolch yn fawr. I’ll try and make it and maybe bring a friend.


Hope to are you there!


This Saturday in Llandudno :sunglasses:


Wela i di yno gobeithio :slight_smile:


Mae tywydd yn edrych yn dda :beach_umbrella:


I wish I was in Llandudno. The forecast where I’m at is predicting upper eighties to mid-nineties for this week. (30-34°C). We have 31% humidity right now, and it’s miserable outside.


This week’s challenge for me at Week 4 on the Deep End is to learn a song—by heart.

I know what it will be and so far can manage the first verse of a beautiful Plygain carol that I love. It’s long though. However, there are still 167 days to Christmas… maybe 166 where you are… just saying.

Now wouldn’t that be brilliant… a Slack Plygain session around the world with folk chiming in as tradition would have us do and local time zones allow.


That sounds great. A 24 hour, online, Plygain. Count me in!


Dw i ar y fford yn cerdedd o gorsaf tren.


Lle mae pawb? Mae’na tri o honnyn ni yn y bar.


I have so many!

  1. I had a joking/playful argument with my friend in Caernarfon about sports (started over him dismissing the US women’s FIFA victory because they’re women :roll_eyes:), including some sassy responses on my part

  2. Accidentally understood a full line in Heno Yn Yr Anglesey once I learned the word “aros”

  3. Had a few drinks too many with friends, started speaking Cymraeg, someone took a video, and watching it back I saw that I was actually speaking clearly and correctly, and my tipsy Cymraeg was actually clearer than my tipsy English! Which is a good sign for when I start visiting pubs in and around Bangor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  4. Can sing/play Allwedd by Bwncath on guitar almost completely by heart and I understand 90% of it

  5. Can sing/play Drwy Dy Lygid Di by Yws Gwynedd on piano and I understand about 60-70% of this one

There’s a few others, and now that I’ve got this thread bookmarked, I’ll be sure to come back and add to my list :grinning:


Doesn’t it feel great? I was just in Wales for a week and had warned myself (this is the kind of insanity that can set in when you live alone) that if I didn’t speak to someone in Welsh on my first day (and a whispered ‘diolch’ wouldn’t count), I wasn’t allowed a G&T in the evening. I was so nervous you’d have thought I’d been asked to sing Queen of the Night at the Carnegie Hall. But I found my victims, told them ‘dw i newydd dechrau dysgu’ and was rewarded with big smiles and ‘da iawn ti’. Little triumphs…


Yes, I’m starting to say the wrong words. For instance talking on the hangout today I said 'chwarae" instead of 'chwaneg". I had no idea I had got it wrong. I know the two words since childhood, so I think it was more a slip of the tongue than a learners mistake, which I think shows that my brain is processing the language differently.


Think it’s a small breakthrough. Certainly it is something new for me to understand any radio or TV in Welsh apart from the odd basic word. Now that I have more phrases in my head which people actually use I am starting to hear them. After having a look around S4C on iPlayer, I found some lovely children’s programmes and am understanding more and more and learning as I go. It’s about my level ;0)


I love Nico Nog @helen-gwyn-jones. I can answer the quiz questions lol. :joy:


Massive breakthrough yesterday! I had an hour long conversation in Welsh with the amazing, patient and funny @carin-harris :sunglasses:
I was very nervous beforehand as I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly know sufficient Welsh. I only started to learn in January! But Caz was very encouraging and we had a proper conversation about a whole range of topics, including dogs, Sci Fi, and beaches!
True, I had to be creative with some sentences and I lapsed a couple of times with ‘really?’, but it felt very natural to be conversing in Welsh.
I live in England and my only opportunities to speak Welsh are via SSiW so I’m very grateful to all of the amazing women I speak to regularly.
I felt exhilarated and exhausted afterwards. Very, very proud of myself but with a splitting headache. I assume it was the result of forcing my brain to combine my learning and construct new, comprehensible sentences. I slept it off and the exhilaration remains.
I am very glad that I took the plunge and met the challenge.
I’m also very glad that I took the time to complete all of tasks along the way- all of the making up sentences each day using the lists of words and phrases etc. It certainly paid off. I love the two weekly challenges too. The structure of the course definitely suits me. Next to join in properly with a hangouts session!
So, I’m feeling very proud of myself! The process works. A diolch yn fawr iawn i pawb :grinning:


Wow… this just happened.

I was texting an acquaintance I met once before at a local Northern California Welsh meetup back in March to see about getting together to practice again. He is a more advanced speaker than I am, which is an exciting challenge for me.

I texted him in Saesneg, and he fortunately replied yn Gymraeg, which led to a flurry of texts about where and when to meet, and what to do, which weekends worked and which didn’t, how I have way too much time on my hands but I have been learning a lot… the whole while, I am keeping up and it was great! This is despite the fact that I’ve been doing the Southern course (six weeks to go! :star_struck:) and he speaks Northern Welsh. It got even better still…

I couldn’t help telling him how I still need to improve but that I’ve been learning a lot and I am surprised at how much I can say now… and he responded with this:

“Rwyt t’in sgrifennu’n rhugl ac rwy’n cofio dy fod ti’n siarad yn dda hefyd.”

:astonished: (The actual expression on my face at the time)

Holy freaking cow…! This blows me away on so many levels. Here are three:

  1. Fluent?!? Me?!? Whoa… I was literally just thinking about how I might finalllly reach my goal of being fluent in another language; though I have learned a lot of French, Spanish and Chinese, I’ve never quite felt I could say I was fluent. This afternoon, as I was catching up on weeks’ worth of posts in this very thread for inspiration, I thought to myself: I want to be able to say I am fluent in Welsh! Am I there yet, nah… did someone I have looked up to as a stellar Welsh speaker use that word to describe my writing today? YES! Wahoooooooooooo! I am beaming. :smile:

  2. When I last spoke Welsh to him, I was only halfway through Level 1, which I think says a LOT for the SSiW method!

  3. How funny is it that the only word I needed a dictionary for was yn rhugl?!? Hahahahaha, life is weird. :joy:


I started off learning Welsh on Duolingo and they are very ‘in’ with the vegetables, especially parsnips (pannas) and carrots (moron) for some reason :thinking: Handy though as I do a lot of gardening but I did convert to SSIW and I am now on level 2 SSIW.


The updated version must have become more veg-friendly. I remember very few words from Duolingo, but I would have certainly remembered seeing panna(s) that means cream in Italian.

When I tried it there were a lot of cig involved. And selsig - that in my memory has some conflict with saesneg - with often hilarious results.

p.s. Even while I was trying to explain this strange thing to @dee, I ended up saying that Duolingo kept on making me say “dw i’n bwyta saesneg”! No way!


Hey, that’s awesome! Da iawn ti! :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s really impressive seeing the difference in the ability to communicate in such a short time, isn’t it?