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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


Well done. The answer, Beiro, for a writing implement seems to pop up regularly, so is worth keeping in your back pocket, or behind your ear :grimacing:


Coincidences time; one of my friends recently met a very enthusiastic / enthused Welsh learner on a train. She mentioned the story to me, and I rightly guessed he would be an SSiWer.

Better still, he has an unusual name. I tracked him down - he is same challenge/level as me (level 2 challenge 6).

Even better still, we have just had our first conversation: 45 minutes long, 43 minutes of which were in Welsh. Go Us!


I was at the rugby sevens in Aberaeron last week completely by accident really. We headed for the coast with a tent and stumbled across the event. My mate Rhodri owns a the Hive there so we popped in and he took us the rugby.

Now I practise with my girlfriend a lot but it can be difficult at times whereas I got chatting to someone at the rugby and we chatted in Welsh for about a quarter of an hour. Few stumbles but they happen! Definitely felt like a milestone!


Its a huge success. I have the same freeze on a daily basis. If you want to utter a diolch i would be very happy to diolch back . Ive just done the swapping sentences for 10 minutes with @cetra and it was very enjoyable as there was no need to worry about what came out of our mouths as long as it was welsh
Daliwch ati :grin:


You need to be prouder actually!! Go you!!! Waaaayyyyy!


Diolch one mae eisiau I fi dechrau ymarfer. Maybe get on slack and have a chat. I’m too much of a chicken to speak to people at the moment :joy: I’m at the end of level one is it too soon?


Its never too soon. If you fancy just swapping a few tiny sentences, like what is your name where do you live…its like jumping in a cold pool…so much better when youve done it. And everyone here is LOVELY! Really encouraging
Go for it!


Just finished level one and have been looking out for opportunities to use what i can. It helps that i know people to speak to and have the advantage of many Welsh-speaking friends and work colleagues. So much easier than trying to speak to strangers. The main thing is to forget anxiety and just do it. Really happy if I understand anything and can process some sort of relevant response. Had my first dream in Welsh last night!!!


Is there a thread about the swapping sentences you did?


I’m not sure actually. Im a bit useless keeping track of forum posts…hopefully a bit better at speaking welsh! If youd like to do a 2 minute really quick swap of a couple of sentences please do…no pressure




I just sang Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau in Welsh off by heart at the start of the Wales v Georgia rugby world cup match. That was one of my learning aims this year as I remember my grandparents doing it.

Many Japanese fans have learnt it too. :heart_eyes:


It would appear that this link is only open to those who have reached the appropriate stage.


I’ve been listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter again and as I reached the end of a chapter and he fell silent, I found I had been translating the story into Welsh in my head. It wasn’t “perfect” because I haven’t been exposed to the exact wording for “what had happened” yet, so I ended up with “what was happening…” but Harry Potter was rushing up to Gryffindor Tower to find Ron and Hermione so he could dweud wrthyn nhw beth oeth yn digwydd. :nerd_face::mage:


I’ve been following the Facebook page of Coedwigoedd Glaw Celtaidd Cymru - Celtic Rainforests Wales for a while, making the occasional comment. Their page is good to follow, because they post in both languages. They had a competition to win a framed print by Ffion Gwyn. I wrote a sentence in Welsh about my favourite Welsh forest area - and won!


Llongyfarchiadau! That’s great! :stars::deciduous_tree:


I have a friend from the London Welsh Chorale who’s a native speaker, and he and I’ve been texting each other in Welsh (with some English thrown in to clarify what I was trying to say or from him to correct me). We spent ten minutes on some back and forth last night before I realized I hadn’t needed to pull up Google Translate once so far!


I received an early birthday present in the mail the other day from a local Welsh-speaking friend who lives in a nearby city here in Northern California. I recognized the word “coed” in the title immediately because I’m always talking to my cat about the trees on our walks :wink::paw_prints:, but the word “uchaf” stirred only the vaguest recognition in me.

It wasn’t until a day or two later, walking under the trees with little Moon, that I remembered learning “faint mor uchel” for “how high” in Lefel 3 a couple days earlier. The wheels started turning in my mind, words like “mwyaf” and “hynaf” for “most” and “oldest” flashed before me, and I wondered if it was adding - af to the end of uchel, which ought to mean that “uchaf” is “highest…” I checked Ap Geiriaduron on my phone right away, and score! Oh, it feels so good when that happens!

P. S. When I was watching a show @siaronjames worked on called Garddio a Mwy today, there was a part about trees where someone said “i fynd am dro,” and my cat tensed up in my arms with anticipation, thinking it was time for a walk. :joy::paw_prints:


Cymraeg has completely taken over simple English words and phrases. I was talking to my mom on the phone when she asked me a question and I rattled off “dwi ddim yn siwr” like I was on autopilot. I’ll say something in English and immediately think “in Welsh it would be…”


I’ve almost said “i fod yn onest” in three separate English conversations in the last week. Gwych! :laughing: