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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


Thank you! By the time I get to the end of the 6 month programme, I should be way beyond the level they require of me. I was excited to learn anyway, but even more so when I can show off to HR!


Thanks Marilyn,

I’m in the UK, yes, so I imagine the book issue may be slightly less pressing for me – although, as an online programme, they should make everything available digitally whenever you are in the world.

Your dissertation really does sound fascinating – happy to be one of your respondents, if you get it approved :blush:


Brilliant, thank you Liz,

I will take you up on that please and let you know once the uni decides.


PS Although I loved my work, retirement is the best job I ever had :joy:


I promise I’m not stalking but Bore Cothi was playing on my radio again this morning and for the first time I heard the line of the limmerick. It had a rugby theme, so I was doubly excited and decided to give it a go, you might be pleased to hear @nia.llywelyn, if you remember my attempts in Machynlleth! I’m sure it was sothach llwyr (recently learnt that in Level 2, Ch 20) but, bless her, Sian read it out anyway. If anyone is interested it gets a mention either side of Cor Meibion Pendyrus singing Cwm Rhondda (fantastic) at about 1hr 10mins and 1:14. And if you do listen, please know that I support both Wales and England - it’s going to be tough in the pub tomorrow!


Diolch @jenny-5. I’ve been thinking, we’ll start a 1/2 hangout soon called Hwyl Geiriau Fun with words. You must join us, have you still got access to 6/6 support or just the WSP. Also…when would be the best time for you?

Da iawn, I’m going to have a listen now x


Arbennig @jenny-5 :star2::star2::star2:
I’m going to share this on slack if you don’t mind :smile:


Just realised you wont have got my replies @nia.llywelyn as I sent them through the wrong channel.
So here is one: Sounds interesting. I can’t do Tues or Thurs eve or Monday daytime (Welsh activities already); also Tues, Thurs & Fri daytime not great.
I just use WSP. What’s 6/6?
And here’s the other: Dim problem Nia. Yn falch dy fod wedi ei hoffi😂
I’m really not very good at this technology lark, sori :disappointed_relieved:


Wow that is fantastic - just caught up with this - well done @Cetra - this is what SSIW is all about but haws dweud na gwneud and you have done it.

Well done - that is an amazing achievement,

Rich :slight_smile:


If I had been in that cafe, I would have been very dog-friendly. I might have never left, because I’d be petting all the animals.


I had my first real breakthrough today when I took a phone call at work fully in Welsh. Although it was a conversation about attending a Welsh sabbatical course for my job and they knew I was a learner, I was happy to finally have a full conversation with someone.

I was feeling under pressure at first as I was struggling to understand a lot of what was being said but thrn they told me I was excellent for someone who had only been learning then year which was a huge confidence boost (especially as I find it hard to speak to other people in Welsh)!

Just wanted to share!


Da iawn. And speaking on the phone is harder than speaking face to face as you don’t have all those other clues to help you. Keep up the good work!


Brilliant @mark-bourke-richards, getting over those hurdles, however painfully, big or small, is immense! Well done and dal ati.


Diolch pawb!


Well, the thing which Aran always says will happen actually happened. A native Welsh speaker was really surprised at how much I know after only two months (his reaction was “dau fis?!”) It’s a nice feeling. :grinning:


The smallest of small breakthroughs.

We are watching ‘Hidden’ (in English). When the characters are speaking to each other in Welsh (there are subtitles), words keep jumping out at me. Some (very short) sentences I almost understand too. Needless to say, my family are becoming tired of my shouts of glee every time it happens. :blush:


The only Cymro Cymraeg in the village came in today while I was serving in the village shop. He told me about his problems with hospital appointments and I understood most of it, then I asked him for his payment in Welsh. Yes!! No time for more as people were waiting. The bit I found most confusing was switching back to English for the next customer.


Well done! That’s great! :clap:
Completely understand how exciting that is!


Hello, I have begun meeting a friend for Welsh speaking for the duration of a gwydraid (neu ddau). And it is kind of cool knowing that i might just sort of say this in Welsh!

I find it difficult though to initiate conversation to tie in with the recent lessons i have been completing. There always seems to be a noun missing somewhere. ANy tips anyone can give for more effective practiced conversation?



Heya Roel! I’d just say just speak as much as you can, and as often as you can. That’s the only way I am doing it now - I’ve done the challenges on here and haven’t got time to do night classes so I just find as many chances to use the bits I do know and every time I find I pick up a new word or phrase.

Listening to Radio Cymru is good to picking up how the language flows and sounds. For me, music is a big thing I talk about in English anyway, so learning the vocab around that in welsh and then trying to meet people to talk about it means that I can talk about some of what I would talk about in English, but in welsh… (if that makes sense!). I’m now trying to find a group of ppl to play cards and board games yn Gymraeg haha.

With regard to now knowing the welsh word for something, I usually just put in the English word and keep the conversation going. Things like “Nes i siarad gyda my grandmother penwythnos diwetha”. There’s no problem in that at all, the most important thing is keeping the convo going imo :slight_smile:


Anyone ever try to put something together in Welsh, and it doesn’t look/sound right? You can’t figure out why it seems wrong, just a feeling you have. Upon looking it up, you discover the correct answer was something you wouldn’t have guessed. But even though it was beyond your knowledge, you instinctively knew you had it wrong. I’ve done this on multiple occasions, most recently in this sentence I wrote when joking around.

“Dwi’n licio y ffilm, ond dwi ddim isio ysgrifennu am hi” vs. “Dwi’n licio y ffilm, ond dwi ddim isio ysgrifennu amdani”.