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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


Ha, yeah: Buzzing. da iawn i ti


I heard this joke today:
Posh English man walks into a pub in Aberystwyth. “Just won the lottery, chaps. Drinks on me. Oh yes, what’s Welsh for CHEERS?”
“Cadeiriau” came the answer.
“OK, Cadeiriau” shouted the Englishman brandishing his drink.

And I got the joke first time!!!


As a complete beginner, I have started to feel more confident using Welsh with KS2 pupils in my school.


I was surprised but very pleased to get two letters published in ‘Lingo Newydd’. I’d sent them in thinking it was a good exercise to respond to the prompts on the letter page but really never thought they’d make it into the magazine. :blush:


Today I successfully ranted in Welsh.

Next goal: having a sweary rant in Welsh. :rofl:


Oh Howard I wish I had your confidence! I am on week2 level 2, and still haven’t got the confidence to speak apart from my partner who is a Welsh Speaker as is his daughter and children. I will say the occasional sentence but I never get past there, and I am very slow! But I hope that you have inspired me, so thank you or diolch !


Sounds fine Jaqui. One sentence is a brilliant place to start with a stranger - even in English a sentence each is plenty to get going


Hi Jacqui, I’m doing the same Week 2 Level 2 too. I’m still too nervous to try speaking although I have used the cash machines in the Welsh language…not sure I understood every sentence but I got the right amount of cash out and I got a receipt. Hurray!


I spoke to my daughter’s Welsh school in Welsh - for the first time in the 6 years she’s been there. I didn’t intend to (scary!) but the voice at the other end saying ‘Bore da’ flipped the Welsh speaking switch in my brain and I just carried on in Welsh.


I just conducted my first business transaction in Welsh! I found a few things I liked in the online shop at Cymdeithas Yr Iaith and wrote a brief query yn y Gymraeg to ask whether they could mail merch. to the U.S. I got a prompt and enthusiastic reply that I had to spend some time translating, but the answer was yes. So I ordered what I wanted in Welsh, checking in English only at the end to make sure I’d ordered what I thought I had. :upside_down_face:

Then I wrote a note of thanks to the woman who’d responded to me, yn y Gymraeg. I’m sure I made mistakes, but I did it! And I felt happy I was able to support their work from afar by buying merch and making a donation.