Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups


“a crutch”? - nothing serious I hope? Though I guess the fact that you’re meeting upstairs means it’s ok :smile:


Moderately. I fell off a traversal wall three weeks ago and dislocated my knee. Orthopaedics think I’ve cracked the kneecap, torn the cartilage away so it’s loose in the joint, and possibly ruptured one of the ligaments. Not sure if it’s serious, but it’s certainly unpleasant.


Ouch, not pleasant at all! I hope it gets better soon.


Ow, that sounds bloody horrible. Brysia wella.


Brysia wella! Wiahing you a speedy recovery!


As it turns out, a subsequent MRI says that (thank goodness) the damage is less severe than they thought, so I’ll make a more or less complete recovery in practical terms. Yay :slight_smile:

Now, more on topic, I won’t be at the meetup this Saturday, so if any new folks want to come along they might need to post here and see who else is able to introduce themselves etc.


Newyddion da! :slight_smile: Glad to hear that!


Excellent news.


Could you tell me please when and where the next mmet up is in Bridgend? Thanks Blanche


Yep, next Saturday (second Saturday of the month), 10AM in Il Panino, nextdoorish to HSBC and the Post Office. We typically sit upstairs by the far window, if that’s available.


Right now :slight_smile:

We’ve got a flag on the table to make thing easy.


Sorry folks, we’re not going to make it this morning - Cath’s woken up feeling all coldy and is staying in bed. Have fun without us :slight_smile:


Sorry, every chance of us not making it again tomorrow. Again because of colds (two this time!).


Brysiwch wella chi ddau!


Not clear if we’re going to make it tomorrow - have fun if we don’t. (And not because we’re ill this time, for a pleasant change :)).



Just wondering if learners are still meeting in the Bridgend area? It would be great to join a group near me.




Hi Rebecca,
Yep, these are still happening, second Saturday of the month.


Just finished up for the day, although a couple of folks are still here. No meeting next month because of holidays (not mine, sadly!).


Il panino’s shut this morning, so we’re in aroma.


I’m not sure how often Cath and I are going to make the meetups in future - they’re still going on, and we’ll still be going intermittently, but I don’t think that anyone who goes reliably really checks this thread. @dee would you mind taking them off the emails please, unless someone else pipes up about keeping the thread alive?