Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups


OK, will do


I and other SSIWers (who were at the Pen y Bont ar Ogwr meet-up on Saturday last) did not discuss closure of this group as indicated by wondersheep! In reality, wondersheep asked us if one of us would like to be the “point-of-contact” for the group as wondersheep didn’t think that he would be attending future meet-ups so regularly. We briefly discussed this issue but did not come to any conclusion. There was never any suggestion from any one that the Group ought to close! I would strongly request that the Group is kept OPEN. My wife - Jenny (dryw bach) will be the point of contact. Diolch yn Fawr


Brilliant - thanks for stepping up to the mark!.. :star: :star2:


@dee (Sorry for messing you around)


Hope it’s OK for me to post this here, just wanted to draw Bridgend people’s attention to this event…


Just a reminder that the next meeting is on 8th December at 10am upstairs at Il Panino, 1 Market Street in Bridgend (near the bus station).

Croeso gynnes i bawb/A warm welcome to all!

(dryw bach)


OOOPS! Got the date wrong!!! It should be SATURDAY 9th.Sorry for the confusion


Hi all, just another reminder that we’re still meeting on the second Saturday of the month at Il Panino, Market Street, Bridgend. It’s on the corner opposite the Post Office. The next meeting will be on 11th August.
(dryw bach)


Is it still at 10am @dryw-bach? I’ve just realised there isn’t a time in the weekly newsletter, so I’ll rectify that straight away!


Hi does this group still run please? I am looking for a group in Bridgend? Diolch yn fair Lucy


Yes, it is, but we had a problem today as the cafe was shut. Hopefully, it’s only temporary but if there’s a change of venue, I’ll let you know.
By the way, I changed my email address on the website but I don’t know if that got passed on to you because I’m not getting any emails from you.


Sorry, I’ve only just picked up your message. We’re still meeting the second Saturday of the month at 10am but we had a problem with the venue today. The cafe where we usually meet was shut. I’ll post on here where we’ll be meeting next month - hopefully the same place.


The email list is separate from the website, so the best thing would be to sign up for it again here with your new address.


Hi is this session running Saturday? If so where? Il Panino? Diolch lucy


Hi @dryw-bach, how are things with the venue for the next meetup?


Just in case Dryw-bach has missed your post.
All ok for Saturday 10th at Il Panino.
If they are closed, we will be at the Aroma. Just down the road opposite the Wyndham Arms (Witherspoons) and near Barclays Bank.


Yes, Il Panino is opposite the main post office in Bridgend. We meet upstairs at 10am and finish at 12pm but you’re free to drop in any time. Hope to see you then, Jenny


Hi, yes we’re meeting in the same place - I checked with the owner. Hopefully some more people will come!


Good meeting on Saturday. Upwards and onwards!


Cwrdd nesa’ yfory 10yb lan lofft yn Il Panino (ger y Swyddfa Post yn Stryd y Marchnad)

The next meeting is tomorrow 10am upstairs at Il Panino ( near the Post Office in Market Street)

Croeso gynnes i bawb! A warm welcome to all!