Bristol Meetups


Hi everyone! just saw this. I am going to see Macbeth at the Tobacco Factory Theatre at 7:30pm on Tuesday, but I’m happy to meet up in the Café before that! Does 6pm suit everyone for instance? @Tall_Paul @PaulM @GeorgeMcKenzie


I can get there for 6pm.


I finish work at 6 just down the road from there, so it works well for me


I can do 6 too Paul


yaaaay amazing, thanks to all of you for being flexible!!
diolch yn fawr iawn, mae’n bendigedig!!
Tan wythnos nesaf! - see you next week!


Iawn - Reminder … Bristol meetup Tobacco Factory café at 6pm, tomorrow, Tuesday - see you there! Paul


Only just seen this … had sort of stopped learning because no-one to talk with … but if a meetup happening so close to me … is this going to be a regular thing?


Hi Martin Yes gobeithio! This is the third monthly meeting, Cheers Paul


Shwmae pawb …next Bristol meetup - how about Tuesday 24 April, 6pm, Hen and Chickens, Bedminster ?



This works for me.


Hi Paul, it looks like I can make this one - o’r diwedd! I’m on night shift that week.


Yes, I’ll be there! see you at the Hen & Chickens! :slight_smile:


Sorry pawb, I can’t make tonight. My car is in the garage and they need to keep it overnight.


boo too bad! We’re scheduled to meet on the 31st of May (Thursday!) at 6pm for our next session! see you there?:slight_smile:
dydd Iau 31 Mai, Hen a Chicken, chwech o gloch


Something for you to talk about at your meeting. The original Welsh name for Bristol is CAER ODOR
which translates basically as the fort on the edge. Bristol was established between the River Frome and the Avon Gorge. If you Google Caerodor you will get a lot of information.
I live near Chepstow and will be visiting a friend in Bristol, who lives in Harcourt Avenue, on 20th May. The plan is to go to a garden centre or two.


Hi everyone! @Tall_Paul @GeorgeMcKenzie @ChrisLeaman @PaulM
See you at the hen and chicken pub on North street this Thursday at 6 o’clock - I will have dinner there (and then will leave before 8 to go to a dance class). Looking forward to our meeting!
@llanddinol if you’re visiting your friend in Bristol this week, feel free to join us!:slight_smile:
Shwmae pawb! Dw i’n edrych ymlaen i gweld i chi ar y dafarn dydd Iau chwech o gloch (dw i’n mynd i fwyta efo chi a felly dw i’n mynd i fynd ar y gwrs dawnsio. Tan i dydd Iau!


I’ll be there !


Hi Pawb…Grŵp Bryste/Bristol Group cyfarfod nesa/next meetup…Spotted Cow, North St, Bedminster (tipyn bach quieter, gobeithio!)
6pm Dydd Mercher 27 Mehefin.

Newcomers of all standards very welcome, we’re all (4/5 of us) very friendly, and meetup days and times can be flexible, so do get in touch!




Hi @PaulM! Just a request - could you please tag me @dee when you put the info about your next meetup on the forum, so I’ll be alerted and I can add it to the weekly newsletter.



Hi Dee sure - how do I do that? thanks Paul