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Bwtcamps 2020


Ladies and gentlemen! I have announced the dates of the June Bwtcamp (20 - 28 June), and opened a ‘Expess an interest’ page here: June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020

Note, I will be trailling a slightly more friendly booking system this month - our old system that has served us well for the last 4 years or so, has finally been outgrown. More details at the top of this thread.

Make sure you let me know if you’re interested, because it is looking like - if your name’s not in the thread, you’re most likely not coming in!

@catrinlliarjones Could you announce this in next week’s email please? Diolch!


Dim problem! :slight_smile:


Do you ever run these in school holidays? I’m a teacher


The next one is the last week of June - is school out by then? It runs Saturday June 20 through Saturday June 28. It looks like that one may have already filled up, but watch for an announcement of one in July - usually the last week.


No, I work in Trafford so my summer holiday is just August unfortunately.

Edit: I just checked, and it’s 25th July til 31st August.


So, if it is the last week of July, that would be the first week of your holiday, I think? Watch for Iestyn to announce that he’s taking interest for the July bootcamp, and check the dates. It might work for you! (Good luck!)


I’m interested in the September bwtcamp if I make it through level 2 !


How exactly do I pay? Do you have a link please? Clare Russell


If you are confirmed on the list for a bootcamp you should receive instructions (in a private message, I think) of how to pay for your place. NOTE: be sure you have expressed interest in the bootcamp you want as soon as it is offered, because the new (trial) system is taking people in the order they expressed interest.


Helo @ClareRussell;

paying is part of the booking process, so you’ll have to do it online. It’s the last step before your booking will be confirmed.
The paying process itself goes via PayPal, but you don’t have to sign up there to be able to pay; simply choose “pay as a guest” (or something similar, you’ll find it right away) and you’ll be able to pay.
If you haven’t got a PayPal account, be sure to have your card’s BIC and IBAN at the ready, because those are required.
You’ll get an e-mail confirming your booking shortly after transfering the money.

Good luck to you :four_leaf_clover:


Iestyn. Diolch am yr bwtcamp gwybodaeth. Dych chi’n son am un yn mis Medi. Fasai i ddidordeb gyda fi yn dod ar hynny. Allech chi’n osod fy enw i ar y restr?


Hi. Yes please, very interested. I’m doing level 2 and am on challenge 15.


Hi, Please can you tell me when the next post June Bwtcamp is. I’m interested in attending.


Me too! But it depends on actual dates in July and September as to whether I’ll be able to make it.


Hi Iestyn,
How about some info?
Is the June bootcamp full?
Did I make the July list?
Has the list started for September?
Incredible as it may seem, we all have commitments outside of Bootcamps,
much as we are all desperate to go.
Just tell us then we can get on with our lives…


I’d also like to attend in September date dependent, I will be getting the 6 month course next month and attending a 4 week intensive course in August and would like a chance to practice what I’ve learnt. Look forward to hearing more details soon


Hi, I’d be interested in attending the September bootcamp please, depending on the actual dates. Thanks.


Hello. I would be interested in attending with my Dad. We are both learning and would love to join the next bootcamp. When is that likely to be and is there anything we can do to register our interest before dates are formally released? Thank you for your time. Tom


Hello Iestyn. Have you any news on the July 25th Boot Camp. I haven’t heard anything and I can’t see it mentioned anywhere. What are the chances of it taking place? Slim? Peter.


Hello. I’m very interested in taking part in a bwtcamp. Will there be one in September, perhaps? I look forward to hearing further dates.