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Bwtcamps 2021


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Happy New Year!

We have all our fingers and toes crossed hoping that we’ll be able to start up the Bwtcamps again in 2021!

Watch this space for the latest information and as soon as we have possible dates, we’ll post them here!



Fingers crossed! I’d really like to do one!


Can’t wait fingers crossed :slight_smile:


That is what we need now, hope :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I’d like to do a Bwtcamp, when they get going again. Please, pretty please


I’d love to do a Bwtcamp in June or July (work schedule means I can’t do any other months). I get my first dose of the vaccine this Friday (so excited!) so hopefully the world will be (almost) functioning by then!


Interested in Bwtcamp, I need it!


I’d be very interested in this too.


Dear Deborah, Iestyn, Catrin, Aran
I was booked on and fully paid up for the Bwtcamp in 2020 that was cancelled. Instead of requiring a refund, I agreed to leave the funds with you at SSiW, on the understanding that those of us in this situation would have first priority for booking the next Bwtcamps to be organised. Please kindly confirm clearly to us that you stand by this commitment.
Diolch yn fawr a chofion gorau. Sandy


Yes, absolutely that’s the case. We’re hoping that those who booked on Bwtcamp together last year will be able to attend together and you’ll be contacted first.


I am intrigued by the bwtcamp. I have had a read and seen that the prerequisite is completion of level one, would I really be at a level to speak nothing but Welsh for a full week after completing level 1. It scares me a little if I’m honest, I would totally be up for giving it a try but just worried that I wouldn’t be good enough to have full conversations in Welsh.


That would be amazing! Scary but exciting.


That’s the main prerequisite. You’ll find you have large gaps in your vocabulary that need to be filled in with a lot of pointing and miming, but you will become creative at getting your meaning across with the Welsh that you know, and you’ll learn HEAPS. As long as you’re prepared to throw yourself in and laugh at yourself from time to time, you’d really benefit.


Would love to go if there is a spare space, I should be well into level 2 by the summer and hopefully survive.


I’d love to do a bwtcamp. I’ve finished level 3 and feel that my learning has stalled a bit, although that might change if I can get back to Wales after the lockdown. Are dogs allowed to join the bwtcamp, by the way?


Swnio gwych i fi !


I’d love to do a bwtcamp and would have done one last year if we had been able to.
I feel the same as Rhian above, I live in England and my Welsh has stalled due to lack of practise.


I would love to do a boot camp. Fingers crossed I can.


Likewise would love to do one if able


Generally this isn’t possible. Where we usually stay in Tresaith there is nowhere for the dog to be kept, and we are often out all day going to places where it wouldn’t be suitable for a dog. We did once have someone who lived nearby and used to go home each day to feed and check on the dogs, but this detracts from the whole bwtcamp experience of being with the others and using your Welsh to the maximum.