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Bwtcamps 2021


hello all! I’ve just posted this on the April Bootcamp thread, so I thought it would be helpful to copy it across here too for a general update.

As you’ve guessed, we’re trying to work out what we can do, where and when for the rearranged Bootcamps given the current Covid-related restrictions. Things are starting to ease here in Wales, which is so hopeful, but we’re not yet quite there, unfortunately. As soon as things get to the point where Bootcamps are a possibility, we’ll be in touch with the details. And just to confirm, those of you who booked and paid for the 2020 Bootcamps will get first refusal, as promised.

I hope that helps reassure you, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we can make firmer plans! Take care, Stine


Should finish level 1 in July, and this looks like a great learning / holiday experience, so will keep my eyes peeled!


Any news on bwtcamps for this year?


I’d also be interested if there is any news on 2021 bwtcamps


Hi @susan-crockford and @thomas-jones, scroll up about three messages in this thread, there’s a message from @Stine about 11 days ago about 2012 Bootcamps. :slight_smile:


2021 even :wink:


There I go again… :roll_eyes: :laughing: :rofl:


Thanks Catrin & thanks Stine - I look forward to hearing more news.


Gwych iawn!


I really want to do a Bwtcamp at some point, but being a carer it’s not easy to get away for a whole week. Do they ever happen over a weekend? I know it wouldn’t be quite the same - by a long chalk - but it would be a lot more doable for me so just thought I would ask.


The bwtcamps are always for a week. The main reason is that it can take 2 or 3 days of immersion in Welsh to really feel the benefits. After a couple of days it’s common for people to be very mentally tired and have a quiet spell, then they get renewed energy, thinking in Welsh becomes natural, and they get a lot of benefit from the latter part of the week. There is no way to have that experience over just a weekend.

But if you’d like a weekend in a Welsh-speaking environment, keep an eye out for when Cymdeithas yr Iaith start running their weekends for learners again. They are a great alternative if you can only get a weekend away.


Thanks for explaining @Deborah-SSi - makes perfect sense. Hopefully I’ll manage a full week one day but in the meantime it’s great to know that Cymdeithas yr Iaith do weekends. I’m a member so will keep an eye out for news on that.


So looking forward to taking ip my deferred space. Really need that immersion.


Really looking forward to going too :slight_smile: Seems ages since last April’s was cancelled because of Covid.
Fingers crossed


Helo Iestyn. Gobeithio ti, Cat a’r plant yn dda.?Beth yw’r newyddion am Bŵt Camp Iestyn. Dw i’n mor daer eisiau gwneud gwersyll Bŵt, dw i’n ofn archebu gwyliau eraill oherwydd dwi ddim eisiau colli fy nghyfle. Os nad oes siawns, dylwn archebu rhywbeth arall.


Hoffwn I fynd i’r bwt camp hefyd. Sut ydw i’n coffrestru am in plis?. Bydda i’ n edrych ar Cymdeithas yr iaith nawr. Diolch Barb