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Bŵtcamps 2022


I’ve created this topic in the hope that bootcamps may become possible again this year. I have attended many in Tresaith (including the very first) and enjoyed and benefitted from them all immensely. I could definitely do with a booster now.

I will keep my eyes open for announcements.

I would even attend a Northern bootcamp if necessary. :laughing:

A fydd Bwtcamp 2022

Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that these can restart this year!


:scream: :scream: :scream:

You can’t join the Gogs! It’s like changing football team! :laughing:




I’ve never supported any football team so joining the Gogs didn’t bother me! :wink:


@siaronjames :smile:

Well I’ve never really followed football. But as a child in Italy, and in a big city with two teams - you somehow found yourself choosing one: the always winning one (Juventus, owned by Fiat owners) or the always losing one (Torino). I chose the losers, by the way, and just stuck to it even though I don’t know what’s going on in the campionato now.

But it’s just fun to engage in friendly, humorous rivalry like these - as long as it stays friendly and humorous of course!


Having been brought up in Aberdeen and having a Derbyshire wife and a Wisconsin daughter-in-law, I have little difficulty in communicating with people who talk - shall we say - differently. :wink:

Anyway, in the very first bootcamp we communicated through the medium of “Twister” where not a word was spoken. Sadly, I’m a lot older and less bendy now. :grin:


I remember that Twister game, and if my memory serves me right you were sitting on a chair half the time with just your feet participating :rofl::joy:


Thanks @HuwJones for starting a thread for us to keep an eye on, fingers crossed!


I would love to join a bootcamp as a first timer!




I feel the same especially with all the meetings that have been cancelled the last couple of years.
I think though I would feel guilty about someone missing out on the experience if I took their place.
Maybe another long weekend could be arranged for people who had attended before. :crossed_fingers:


Excellent idea reflecting your commendable social conscience, @Macky. :grin: I’d certainly be up for a get together for previous bootcampers even if @gisella-albertini comes. :rofl:


Or even though @gisella-albertini comes to spoil the previous bootcampers party! :rofl:


I always support Wales in the Chwe Gwlad, of course, but in matches where Wales isn’t playing I like to support Italy! Poor old Italy… I can’t wait to see them win a game! Mind you it’s never been the same since Sergio Parisee retired…:sleepy: :grin:


I started my SSIW journey with the pandemic and want to take the next step with a bŵtcamp. Really to sign up and book leave from work when it happens so please message me when it does.


Careful what you wish for :flushed:x x


That was really nice and generous of you @ruth-32! First victory after…7 years is it? Sorry it was against Wales tho’!


I am genuinely delighted that Italy has won a game! But not against Wales, you crazy Italians! :scream: :roll_eyes: :joy:


Yes I would love a Bootcamp. Have done Levels 1-3 but working through them all again .The idea of an intense Welsh only speaking course and the practice is just what I and I am sure others want.