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Bŵtcamps 2022


I was one of the “magnificent seven” who attended the very first bootcamp in Tresaith and have sttended several since. I can vouch for the fact that each one has not only improved my Welsh but has greatly improved my confidence. I have also made many friends from all over the world through them.



Dammit - pressed the wrong button again. :rage:
I meant to say keep watching the bootcamp threads. :grinning:


Hopefully a plan can be arranged Huw as there is a lot of interest :pray:


Including mine, David, but let me clarify that I’m just another interested party. :grinning:


Yes plenty of interest for sure Huw ! :+1: ok


Bore da pawb!
A oes unrhyw SSIW ‘Bwt Camps’ eleni? Any plans for a Bwt Camp this year? Apologies if it’s been mentioned already.
Trevor o Sir Benfro


Thanks for your timely question , Trevor. Although I am not an organiser, I can say from personal experience that plans are actively being made. I hope there will be some official news when the details have been worked out. @nia.llywelyn @Deborah-SSi


Diolch @trevor-jones-1 @HuwJones.
Dates for two bŵtcamps this year will be revealed very soon.
Hopefully next year’s dates will be out shortly as well :tada:


Hi @paul-pigott,I hope Rhodri (Llywelyn) is still supporting you with your Welsh :tada:


cyfrous iawn!


Here it is - the news we’ve all been waiting for! (Drumroll please :drum: :drum:)

We’re planning to organise TWO bŵtcamps for this year, and hoping to hold FIVE next year!

The dates we have in mind are September 19 - 26, and October 17 - 24. Those are both Monday to Monday, as that’s the requirement of the accommodation in Lampeter where we’ll be holding bŵtcamps from now on.

As we work out more details e.g. exactly how many people can attend, cost for the week, and most importantly how we’re going to organise the booking, we’ll keep posting information here.

The months we’re tentatively considering for next year will be Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug and Oct - probably towards the end of each month.

If you’re coming from a long way overseas, e.g. the US, Australia or New Zealand, and you need to know you have a place well ahead of time to organise the best price for flights etc, get in touch with me by email - - and we’ll do our best to make sure you get a place.

Otherwise, please don’t contact us and ask just yet while we get that sorted out. We’ll let you know as soon as we can :slight_smile:

It’s so exciting!! :partying_face:


I’m cooked for 2022 but I’d love to get into one in 2023!! Diolch yn fawr iawn!! :heartpulse:


Somewhere online I’ve seen an article about this centre, with a picture of the place and the chap who’s planning to get it together…but when I google I can’t find a damn thing about it! I’d love to have something I can share about this exciting project taking place in my summer haunt of Lampeter!




Thank you so much!


Here it is - the official announcement of Bŵtcamp Mis Medi 2022!

Bŵtcamp Sept 2022 - 19th to 26th - Lampeter