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CACEN Meetup South East England


Hollol ffantastig, llongyfarchiadau mawr i chi gyd :star: :star2:

Can’t wait to hear it :sunny:


I’m looking forward to this Saturday, Mark! Hey!!! Have you thought about making a small promotional video for the group - like Gavin and I did for ours - to go out on Dal Ati? Might be worth a thought…


Thanks Kim

Yes, we really should get around to it


Saturday Live 09:00 Radio 4
“You may have noticed that we’re quite nosey. We don’t just want you to listen to Saturday Live - we want to know what you do with the rest of your Saturdays. We know that some of you are members of running clubs, some of you knit, sing, go to football matches - but what about learning a language? Brighton might not be the most obvious place to find a Welsh language class but there is one - and as it’s St David’s day tomorrow, we sent Pete Ross to find out why. Clun glun Hwre!”

The BBC even posted a link to the Cacen website on Twitter.

Can’t wait !!! Does - Clun glun Hwre - actually translate as: Hip-hip Hooray! ? The word they’ve used - clun - refers to the part of the body. Has the Beeb been using Google translate?


Hey that Sat Live was great, really gave a welcoming feeling, and I hope you heard they read out my e-mail plug for SSiW on air too, suggesting they interview you, Aran and Iestyn, felly, byddwch yn barod ! !



24 minutes in:


It was certainly odd listening to it
Some of us got together for breakfast which was lovely
Via the Twitter feed we have a new member
And well done Carungo for telling them where it all started. Sadly they omitted all our very deliberate SSIW plugs


That wouldn’t happen on Radio Cymru. :smile:


That was great! You all sounded like you were having such a good time. Llongyfarchiadau to all of you! Maybe you’ll get a few more people along to join you.


Thank you for your warm wishes everyone. I would like to point out that all this media attention will not go to our heads and that we will be exactly the same as before it all happened…

Meanwhile, the good news is that we have indeed had enquiries. So far three people have contacted us asking about joining. Whether they do is of course another thing.

One of the points we made in the recording is that there are similar groups all over the country, and the world. But like reference to SSIW, sadly that didn’t make it into the edit.

Still, maybe it raised a little awareness, and those prompted to look online about learning Welsh will find us anyway.
Any spike in the stats, Aran?


Kim, you’re right, the main item is 24 minutes in, but there is a small snippet at minute 3 as well


Erm, @Kinetic is the one to ask about that - we don’t keep a very close eye on them - although @Iestyn can probably give you chapter and verse on some of the crunchier, income-related numbers…:wink:

But whatever the numbers are, this was a fantastic story, and exactly the kind of thing which has a real and valuable impact on attitudes :star: :star2:


Just found this post - SSiW must have been mentioned somewhere in the broadcast - I’d never heard of you before and it prompted me to look you up, and here I am, just done Level 1, Challenge 6 and enjoying it! So one more starter as a result at least :smile:
(though not in S-E)


Croeso Sukey
There are loads of meet-ups around rhe country
Our loss is aomeone’s gain
Dive in and enjoy


Hi Sukey!
Have you signed up for the weekly email? If not, it tells you how in the FAQ.
There’s a list at the end of all the places where SSiW meetups take place. There might be one near you!


Thanks for the info - I have now! :slight_smile:


Hylo Pawb

Don’t forget - this month’s meetup is at Housedean just outside Lewes East Sussex.

Looking forward to seeing as many as can. Please drop me a PM for the location

Dymuniadau gorau



Hi Mark,

Just getting started on this week’s email. Have you got a date and location for next month’s meetup?



Hylo Pawb

Just a quick note to say that all welcome at Chichester. For newcomers, please just come anyway. We are all levels but with one common aim - to have some hwyl.

Bring a small plate for a shared lunch, sgwrs and exchange of news and events as well as (maybe) speed dating, ‘my news for the week’, and the theme this month of a few words around the table ‘the best compliment I have ever had - and why.’

See you there



Hylo Pawb

Well, another month gone by.
The next meetup will be - not sure where yet…
The intention is to meet up either in the Chichester area or Lewes, do a walk, have a pub lunch then walk back. Lots of countryside, lots of scenery. Maybe someone will come with a list which includes words for dandelion and hedgerow. As well as scampi & chips.
Please keep an eye on this forum and when the location is known, it will be posted here.

I am assured that for those of us with an inbuilt resistance to effort, the walk will not be particularly demanding.

Looking forward to seeing as many as able. Wear your walking shoes, not your best stilettos, ladies. And some men, I suppose.
Hwyl fawr