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CACEN Meetup South East England


Hi Mark
I have just registered and am in Chichester. Do you know when/where the next meeting will be in this area?


Hi Wendy


Drop me a personal message with your email address and I will add you to our email list

Our group moves from one member’s house to another each month to make travel fair for all

The next one will be June 13 but not certain yet where. Usually it’s in someone’s lounge but for a change next time we will have Welsh Wander.

We will post the meetup place here as soon as our walking experts have decided on location, and you will receive full details by email

I look forward to meeting you and hope you get as much fun and pleasure out of your language as we do, particularly having learned through the auspices of SSIW

Dymuniadau gorau



Helo Mark

I’m in the UK on holiday, staying with family here and there, but mostly with daughter in St Leonards. I live in Tasmania and am one of the U3A group that also meets for monthly conversation there. I’ll be around until 6th June, and would like to join your meetup while here, if possible (though I’m working to a crowded schedule, unfortunately). Please let me know when and where, and I’ll come along if I can. BTW I was at Nant Gwrtheyrn 2 weeks ago, on a 5-day Cwrs Uwch-1, but I need all the conversation practice that I can get. Peter Ball


Hylo Peter
Croeso i ti hefyd

Please drop me a private message and I will be delighted to give you details


For those able to join us, and newcomers or just one off or occasional visitors are more than welcome, the plan for our next meetup is different from the usual

We eill mert in Shoreham by Sea at 11:00, do gentle 4 mile walk to Bramber, have a pub lunch and walk back. Forbthose who can’t face the return walk, there will be at least one car to bring you back

Please let me know by private message if you would like to join us and give me uour email address so I can send you fuller details
Hwyl am y tro


Hi Mark
Sorry, but I’ve not used the forum before and I can’t work out how to send a private message. It looks as though the Shoreham walk will be after I return to Tasmania anyway, so I’ll just have to wait until my next visit to the UK, which will probably be within two years.


Hi Peter
I was going to drop you a PM later but these phonesdon’t make it easy so instead-
Tuesday evenings there is a regular small meetup at The Black Lion Patcham Brighton 8,20 to 10.30 ish
Maybe see you there


Mark, is CACEN still going?


Hi Jonathan

Absolutely. We have a monthly meetup spread around different people’s houses to even out the travelling, venues in Sussex/SurreyHampshire from Seaford to Chichester, Brighton to Albourne.

In addition weekly at the Black Lion, Patcham, Brighton 8:30 Tuesdays

Dymuniadau gorau



Hylo Pawb

Looking forward to a leisurely hike up the river from Shoreham by Sea to Bramber.

We will start from Adur Recreation Ground, Brighton Road, Shoreham By Sea. I don’t know if it’s a pay and display car park so bring change just in case.

The walk will follow the old railway line up the river to Bramber/Upper Beeding where those who want can visit the Butterfly Museum and the Castle which is most famous for nothing ever happening there.

We will end up for lunch at the Rising Sun, Shoreham Road
Upper Beeding Steyning, West Sussex BN44 3TN

Sally will park her car at the pub car park so anyone who can’t face the long road back can travel in comfort and style.

Please let me know if you can come so we can wait for you at Shoreham, and we can warn the pub if there are a significant number of us to be prepared for healthy appetites.

Hope to see as many as can

Dymuniadau gorau


Hi Mark and all. If you need a venue for July, come to Portsmouth! Let me know :smile:


Thanks Gary

Unfortunately Rhiannon and Geoffrey have tried unsuccessfully to contact you in my absence to make arrangements, so I hope you don’t mind, we’re going with Plan A.

Sorry it’s been a long tome coming - been a bit busy recently.

Pleased to say however the next meetup will be as above kindly hosted by Rhiannon and Geoffrey

Please PM me for the address, and let me know you’d like to come

As always a crazy session of news, what we did in the last week/month

Theme for the day : Holiday -where I went, where I’m going, what I like to do, what I hate doing, interesting stuff…

I’m sure there will be other things to also talk about too

Don’t forget to bring a small food contribution.

Looking forward to seeing as many as can

Dymuniadau gorau


Hi All

Just planning ahead - it will be a new year of sorts, so more focus on using Yr Iaith and practice.

This session will be hosted by Mike near Lewes, East Sussex.

Please PM me for address details if you don’t know it.

Come armed with at least a few sentences like ‘Wot I did on my holidays’

We can do ‘circle time’ news and maybe even something intellectual like a story.

Everyone welcome whether newbies or returners. The focus is on hwyl.

Bring a small plate of something for a shared light lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you all, and have a great summer

Meanwhile there will be the weekly meetup at the Black Lion, Patcham Brighton for those able and willing

Hwyl fawr


Aaaargh! This site has changed again - does anyone know how to change the heading? The edit symbol is no longer there.

Meanwhile just a note say the CACEN meetup at the Black Lion in Brighton has changed from Tuesdays back to Monday nights at 8:30

Hope to see you there


Shwmae Mark

The edit symbol is still there - it is in the form of a pencil to the right of the heading. I just used it to clear the expired date from your heading!


Not in the last couple of months, sir! :sunny: Maybe that’s an expiration-for-editing kind of thing with the forum software…?


Thank you Aran, and thank you Faithless. You have changed the heading to a very useful generic one. However, I don’t have a pencil by the heading on this my PC or on my ipad. Curious. It must be me though as it’s always Operator error.


CACEN Meetup - next monthly date 31st October, Albourne, West Sussex. 1:00 - 4:00 pm (please send me a private message if you don’t know the address)

Around the table news, speed dating, maybe a storybook and one or two games.

In fact, if you feel like dressing up for Halloween, please do, the spookier the better, and have a minute each to tell us something about spooks and ghosties or something else Halloween related.

As always please bring a small plate of food for a shared lunch.

The following meetup will be in Brighton on Saturday 14 November when we will have our Eisteddfod of Welshness, a non-competitive event where all those who want to can present something related to Wales - a picture, poem, story, sculpture - the list is endless. All for fun. And the voting for Learner of the Year who will be awarded the David March Love Spoon for most language progress.

Looking forward to seeing you

Hwyl fawr


Photos please :wink:


I’ll take my camera. If I put it in the fridge for a few hours beforehand, it’ll be chilled enough to cope with anything gruesome…

That’s why my coat is on the back of the door…