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CACEN Meetup South East England


What a Saturday. We had our annual Birthday Eisteddfod with songs, poems, recitations, cooking, stories and Philip Marlowe making a ghost appearance. Certainly a day to remember. Pictures will be on the CACEN Brighton Facebook page shortly.

Great to see so many. Congratulations to Val for winning the David March Love Spoon for most progress in the year.

Next meetup will be kindly hosted by Alison - please PM for location details. It will be Sunday 6th December 1:00-4:00 in Havant.

Can you please bring a small plate of food for a shared lunch.

On the cards - around the table with a minute or two on ‘my favourite Christmas present ever/ my worst ever’, whatever takes your fancy

plus fun and games to keep the spirits high.

please say if you can/can’t make. And of course, our weekly meetups are now on Mondays at the Black Lion, Patcham, Brighton 8:00 onwards.

Looking forward to seeing as many as can
Hwyl fawr



Sounds absolutely fantastic - llongyfarchiadau mawr i chi gyd!.. :sunny: :star: :star2:


Diolch Aran


Next CACEN meetups:

For those within striking distance of Brighton, we are at the Black Lion Hotel, Patcham, Brighton every Monday from 8:30 - just look for corner with the alternating puzzlement and hilarity

It’s getting near to Christmas and while our minds turn to gifts and goodwill, we’re planning the next CACEN Monthly Meetup which will be at Seaford, East Sussex. Please PM me for location. The date is January 23 Seaford 1:00 - 4:00 pm.

Be prepared to tell us about your Christmas present or favourite story from this year’s event. Notes are ok and there’s no compulsion to speak so anyone new who fancies coming along needn’t feel any pressure.

Please bring a small plate of food for a shared lunch. The emphasis on hwyl, so we look forward to seeing you.
Nadolig Llawen a Flwyddyn Newydd Hapus

Mark x


The Next Cacen Monthly will be at East Grinstead 1-4 pm Saturday 27 February.

The theme will be ‘My Secret’ something you don’t normally tell anyone else. And if you haven’t got a dark side, make it up…

Please bring a small plate of food for a shared lunch and PM me for location details.

Hwyl Fawr


Helo Mark,
Rebecca dw I, a dw i’n byw yn Dorking.
Dw i’n meddwl dw i’n medri mynd y East Grinstead ar y 27th.
That’s if I’m not in Dolgellau…
Diolch yn fawr!


Hylo Rebecca

Tasset ti’n ebostio fi at fasswn i’n hala’r wybodaeth i ti am y cyfarfod yn East Grinstead



Hylo Mark. Dwi’n byw yn Brighton hefyd. I had no this group existed and would love to get involved. Please let me know how! Diolch yn fawr, Keri :grinning:


Hylo Keri

Great to hear from you. We meet up weekly at the Black Lion, Patcham on Mondays at 8:30. In addition, we meet up as Sussex/Surrey/Hampshire monthly in different members’ homes. Drop me a Private Message with your email address and I’ll add you to our circulation list of what goes on. You may not have noticed that a group of us are going to Cardiff, St Fagan’s for a trip weekend after next - let me know if you’re interested in joining us

Hwyl fawr



Gwych, diolch Mark! I can’t work out how to send you a PM though!


Hi Keri

You’re right, it’s not easy. You used to be able to do it but looks like they’ve changed it again.
Please email me at mark@kateskitchenband
I look forward to hearing from you


It should just be a matter of clicking on the name of the person you want to contact, and then clicking ‘Message’ in the pop-up window that triggers - is that not working for you?


Ah, diolch Aran, it does work!!


Hello, I live in East Sussex and just started the SSIW online course a few months ago. Although I’m only on lesson 10 of the first level, I am keen to find people to practice speaking Welsh with. Is CACEN still meeting, if so please could you give me details?

Many thanks,



I’m sure as soon as Mark see’s this he will get back to you (mwynhau).

Cheers J.P.


Hylo Pawb

Sorry it’s been a while - too much going on.
Mike will host our next meetup from 1:00 to 4:00 on Saturday May 14 at his fabulous office near Lewes, East Sussex. Bring a small plate for a shared lunch (with a bit of food on it.

We’ll have the usual newsround, a couple of games and homework is (optional) your favourite shaggy dog story - a story about a dog. It can just be a few words, or a short epic, but the focus will be on having a good time.

For further details please PM me and I’ll email you direct.

Thank you Rambling John. Sally, I have added you to our mailing list. looking forward to meeting you. Don’t be nervous - we are a group of very wide variation and it sounds like you’re well on the way.




Hylo Pawb

Another month gone by.

We welcomed two new members to our meetup in Lewes last Saturday. Hello to Keri and Sally.

Two dates for your diaries:

  1. Sunday 12 June Brighton 1:00 - 4:00 pm- please let me know if you’d like to come and I’ll send you location details. As always it will be a gathering of likeminded keen to develop their language skills but not to the detriment of having a good time and plenty of hwyl. There may be a story to translate by committee and the opportunity for those who want to tell us all about your month’s news. Those who are so inclined may want to bring along some pre-prepared thoughts. The theme will be ‘The Day I met my True Love’. To be as true/untrue/daft as you want. The point is to articulate and to think Preceded by lunch so bring a contributory plateful to share.
  2. Saturday 23 July 11:00 for as long as it takes. We intend to walk from Brighton to Lewes across the South Downs -along the Juggs Path, a distance of around 6 miles And 6 back, but there will be a carpark about a mile and half further on if you prefer a shorter walk. When and if we get to Lewes, we’ll have a pub lunch and turn round and walk back. There is a plan B if it rains, which is to meet in Brighton and stay there.
    If you would like to know more, please PM me and I can provide further details of this mayhem.
    Meanwhile, don’t forget the weekly meetup at the Black Lion, Patcham, Brighton on Monday evenings from 8:30.

Hwyl fawr


Our next meetup involves physical as well as mental effort. As mentioned last month, we will walk the Juggs Path between Brighton and Lewes. Hopefully the links I have posted work for you. If not, please PM me and I’ll send you further details.

  1. We will meet at 11:00 am at the Woodingdean Car Park - please contact me by private message for exact location -it’s difficult to find a decent online map.

The path : Map of the path and website with details is the Juggs Path from Brighton to Lewes.

The walk is around 4 miles, and of course 4 back - apparently not too difficult, but if anyone knows different, please say so. There will be transport at the other end for those who can’t or refuse to walk back to Brighton/Woodingdean.

We plan to have lunch at the Juggs Pub after which those who wish can continue to Lewes or return by foot/car.

Alternatively if it’s chucking it down with rain, the Downs Hotel is not far so from the car park. Carys and I called in last night to see if it’s OK as a Plan B for an 11:00 am meetup followed by a pub lunch there. It is.

Please let us know if you and any partners/spouses would like to join us for the walk so we can assess numbers for lunch.

  1. In case we have to resort to Plan B, the theme for the ‘talkaround’ will be ‘What do I look for when I go online?’ If we do the planned walk, we’ll use it as the theme for next the meetup.

  2. Because so many are on holidays during August, the next meetup will be in September - date and venue to be decided.

  3. The Black Lion continues weekly. Please be aware it closes for refurbishment at the end of July so we will be looking for an alternative venue. We’ll keep you posted.

Dymuniadau gorau



Sori Pawb
I forgot the date - Saturday 23rd July


Helo @markwatkinprice,
Is there any CACEN meetup in August? Or do you have one organised for September?
Diolch, Dee