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CACEN Meetup South East England


@markwatkinprice? @rhiannon_in_sussex? Anyone?


Hi Dee

Apologies - We’ve only just spotted your query.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 9th March, 1 - 4 pm at Alison’s house in Havant. As usual, it’s bring a dish to share and of course anyone new or visiting the area is warmly welcome to come along. Contact Mark for details.

Unless otherwise arranged, CACEN meets on the second Saturday of every month, 1 - 4 pm.

Diolch, Dee, for all your help with promoting CACEN!

Geoffrey a Rhiannon


Diolch! I’ve updated the newsletter now, so that will go out this morning. We’ve had lots of new people starting to learn with SSiW since the beginning of the year, so I hope a few of them will be in your corner of the world :slight_smile:


Cacen meetup Saturday 13 April Brighton 1:00 to 4:00

Hylo Pawb
It’s been a manic month again. Firstly many congratulations, as I am sure there are on other forum threads, to Aran for his evangelical leadership with Jeremy Vine. Inspirational, Aran.

And if that wasn’t enough to make us proud to be Welsh, there was Saturday. As well as that, there’s Cacen

The next exciting meetup will be in Brighton (please PM me for location)

For those who don’t know, we meet at 1:00 and share lunch (bring a plate (with food on it ) to share). The objective is hwyl not hard work, so don;t be worried if your Welsh learning is still at the start of that upward curve, there is as much Saes as Cymraeg but that doesn’t matter.

The format is that after we have eaten, we share news for the month and then having thought about it beforehand, say as much as able/want about the theme for the day. This time it’s ‘If I move to Wales, where would I choose, and why?’ Those who recently moved or are already there and make it to Cacen meetups - tell us why you are where you are.

You can all lie as much as you want. the point is not accuracy or even truth, it’s about articulation. So ideally, don’t write and google translate for reading it out. Better to have some prompter cards for unfamiliar words and make it up as you go. No reason why rehearsal wouldn’t work - just a thought.

We meet up every second Saturday of the month. to make it fairer for travel, we rotate between each others’ homes in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey so the catchment area is pretty big

Anyway, newcomers and old lags welcome. Please let me know if you’d like to come. You will be very welcome.

Hwyl fawr


How do I join CACEN? Byw yn Brighton, arfer siarad Gymraeg yn rhygl, eisiau ymarfer…
I was brought up bi-lingual but it’s been many, many years. I can’t bear the look of pity on my family’s faces when I join in in Welsh, would love to practice some conversation,


@markwatkinprice should see this and get in contact with you, but just in case, I’m tagging him :slight_smile:


Diolch Dee


Hylo Pawb

Keep your diaries free for Saturday 8 June from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. (Second Saturday of the month as usual)

The locality this time is Chichester. As always, please bring a plate of food for a shared lunch. And as always, the emphasis is on hwyl. Cymru translates loosely as the Land of Companions and that’s exactly the atmosphere we are lucky enough to have.
If you’d like to join us, you will be very welcome, regardless of where you may be on the continuum of learning. We are made up of complete starters through to Mam-Iaiths and all points in between, so wherever you are on your journey, you will fit in perfectly.
The pattern is lunch, talk, sit down, news, and then talk as much as can/want around a theme. Preferably off the cuff (having prepared if you want) rather than reading a Google Translate. The point is to articulate how and what you know, not read blind text. And that’s where the fun is. We have found confidence levels rise dramatically just by giving it a go, and if need be interspersed with English to keep your flow no worries.
The theme this time is ‘If I wrote a song and poured my heart out, what would it be about?’ Doesn’t have to be based on truth, or be cathartic, just fun.
Looking forward to meeting you. If you would like to come, please Private Message me and I’ll give you the address. (it’s not a secret, it’s just wiser not to publish addresses on forums) (fora?)
Hwyl fawr

Welsh Learners in the Solent Area

Looks like we will welcome Miriam and Marco at our next meetup. Any more for any more?


Hylo Pawb

For your diaries - Saturday 13 July at a location somewhere around Havant but yet to be confirmed.
The agenda is as always to focus on Welshness, friendship and language but most of all hwyl

Bring a plate for a shared lunch. For the location, please PM me for the address.

We will, just lik circle time at school, tell our news for the month and then look at a theme where we can say as little or as much as we like on the subject without reading from a Google translation - the idea is to articulate what we can actually say from what we actually know. Practice beforehand if need be, but otherwise go with the flow. And nothing is compulsory.

The theme this time - and blame Mike - is: How I would Save the World.

And don;t forget to look at the Parti Penblwydd forum thread especially if you were there. What a weekend!

Hwyl am y tro




Another Welsh Weekend coming up in Y Fenni, 28-30 June.

Let me know if you want more information.
See you there!


Helo all,

I’m trying to connect with fellow Welsh speakers/learners, and this is the closest I can find! Would love to be in the loop of meet ups or events in mid Sussex area. Or just another learner who wants to practice online.
Dwy i’n dod o Bridgend, Welsh learner for many years (!) ond ddim ymarfer felly dydw i ddim yn gwella! Mae’n anodd iawn yn Lloegr. Dw i wedi defnyddio Cymraeg yn ysgol, ond nawr mae Saesneg wedi ei ladd (sori am y Cymraeg sbwriel!). Dw i’n bwy yn Haywards Heath - dw i’n teimlio mai’r fi yw’r unig Cymraes :frowning:


Hylo Eleanor

Mae’n hyfryd clywed amdano ti. Mae dy Gymraeg yn ardderchog. Wna i sgweni i ti mewn preifat gyda’r manylion ac edrych ymlaen at gwrdd a ti yn fuan



Hylo Pawb

Most of the Cacen group is away for our regular meetup date in August but by popular demand, there will be one after all. In Portsmouth. Please PM me for details. The date is Saturday 10th from 1-4 pm.

Joio’r haf





I’m in Cornwall that weekend (visiting Eden Project) - gutted I’m missing it :-(:cry:


It’s soon that time of the month. The next Cacen meetup will be on the second Saturday of the month as always, and Saturday 14 September in Brighton. Please PM if you’d like to come and i’ll send you the location. it’s not that it’s a secret, it’s just best not to put them online, so I will email you on request.

Meanwhile, you will be welcome, regardless of how far along the continuity curve of learning you are. we have members who are mam-iaith, who are returners and those who have been on SSIW lesson 1 for two years. It’s all about the company (we are Cymry, after all)

So bring a plate of food to share lunch, time is 1-4 pm.

There will be a theme which you can do something towards if you want, the fun is in the trying. The theme will be in the form of preferably unscripted so you just use what you know, talk for a minute or so, less or more is fine, on the subject this month of Water. That can be your hatred of getting wet, your love of baths, its importance to the world, or anything factual or otherwise that takes your fancy. the aim is to use the language.

See you there.

And don’t forget the weekly Brighton meetup at a pub locally.

Hwyl fawr


I’m on hols but hopefully I can make October’s meetup.


Hello Pawb

After another amazing weekend in Caerdydd, the Cacen Group is recovering after creating more legends for its archives. Thank you to those friends from De Cymru who came along with us for the ride!

Something that came out of one conversation is that the meaning of Cacen has got lost in the mists of time. No, we don’t sit around drinking tea and eating cake. Although there is quite a lot of that as it happens. Cacen is Cylch Alltud Cymru yn Ne Loegr - Circle of Welsh exiles rainbow (ie all inclusive) in south England. OK, it’s stretching the language a bit but heyho.

Meanwhile, our next meetup is in Seaford on Saturday 9 November 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

It’s our annual eisteddfod. It’s non competitive/combative and comprises everyone doing a presentation or party turn with something they have created or will acted or recite, or sing. The possibilities are endless and the emphasis is on hwyl.

It also gives us the opportunity to pass on the David March Love-spoon, awarded to whoever we vote has progressed the most in the year. David was an early member of the group who sadly died and this is our way of ensuring his spirit of Cymreictod lives on.

So, bring a plate for a shared lunch and come and join us. PM me for the location and we look forward to welcoming you. Emma - your moment has come:)

Hwyl am y tro



Oh, I’m gutted to be missing this as I’ll be in Fareham that weekend for Remembrance Sunday. :-(:sleepy: (my best mate who I stay with in Polegate is part of the parade staff in Portsmouth)