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Calling all SSiW meet-up/chat group organisers and coordinators


Thanks Catrin. The Cambridge group will meet every last Tuesday of each month. If differed i will let you and Forum know. The Norfolk group is on hold at the moment. I am deciding what the way forward is with this group. Thanks x


Diolch! :grin:


Hi Neil,
I’m Bromyard way…there’s a thriving group in Malvern on Thursdays if you can make it…


Thanks Mike - I was aware of that group and going to go today, but couldn’t confirm whether it was meeting. I am a university lecturer and teach on Thursdays this semester, but will endeavour to go as and when I am free on a Thursday.


It’s pretty much every Thursday …


Hi Mike! Would you mind very much having a quick look at the list above to see if the details are there and are correct for the Malvern meet-up, please? Diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile:


All present and correct…:+1:


You’re a star, diolch!


Hi guys!

Just a reminder, I’ll be writing the weekly email tomorrow, so will need all final dates and locations for all active meet-ups. Thank you to everyone who’s already done this! :blush:


@carin-harris. Hi Caz. Did you notice the Typo: “2 Nights”?
Diolch, John


I’ll have a look, thanks John!


Sorry John…where?


Hi Caz
The original (top) post in this thread.
The towns are shown in alphabetical order
So, scrolling down in the post, there is a paragraph for Port Talbot*


Thanks John, but that’s not my post. Not sure if it’s from Deborah’s list for the newsletter, hopefully will be picked up by Catrin for the next issue from my updated post. Well spotted though


Hi Caz. Ok sorry. I was trying not to stick my nose in, but my attempt at being suttle has backfired :rofl:
So prob easier for me just to be blunt now. :grimacing:

Yes it ended up on the post as “2” when it should have been The Twelve Knights (hotel). I think that Catrin is sorting it anyway now :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries, all fixed now @JohnYoung and @carin-harris. :slight_smile:


Hi Catrin, Llyfrgell Caernarfon is now 11-12 on a Friday. I have confirmed dates until the second week of February. To be sure it is on it is worth contacting the library on +44 1286 679463.


Fabulous! Diolch! :slight_smile:

This also means it will be easier for us to attend as it doesn’t cut across the school run!


Bore da, Catrin,
Mae manylion y grŵp yn Lerpwl yn iawn, diolch, ond @mikefarnworth ydw i, nid @MikeFarnworthAgain. Creais i gyfrif ychwanegol amser maith yn ôl, er mwyn gwneud prawf. Ydy hi’n bosib ei ddileu ef nawr?

Details of the Liverpool group are OK, thanks, but I’m @mikefarnworth and not @MikeFarnworthAgain. That was an extra account I created ages ago in order to conduct a test. Can it be deleted now?

Cofion, Mike F.


Thank you Mike!

Old account now deleted. :slight_smile: