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Calling all SSiW meet-up/chat group organisers and coordinators


haha no probs John see you next Monday evening


Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Catrin, the dates for DWLC Workshops until June are as follows
Saturday 7-3-20
Saturday 4-4-20
Saturday 2-5-20
Saturday 6-6-20
As soon as I have the dates for September to December including the 2020 Derby One Day Welsh School I will let you know.
Cofion gorau


This is a great help! Diolch! :slight_smile:

Is this the one at The Friends Meeting House @jonathan_simcock_7?


Caerdydd - 1st Monday every month. Railway Hotel, Station Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff. 7pm - 9pm


Diolch @Nova! Are you the main contact?


Hi Catrin I thought that I had been deleted ages ago as an Exeter contact as that original group no longer meets.( Exeter,White Hart , Monday evening) . I was interested to see that there is a new Exeter group that meets in the library and will try to get along to their February meeting.


Thanks Caroline. I shall amend that listing. Do you know the regular time and location for the Exeter group by any chance? Diolch!


unfortunately this meetup doesn’t happen regularly enough for me to have confidence in listing it. I can rarely attend nowadays due to a change in work pattern, but I’ve received more than a handful of reports from people saying that this meetup either doesn’t run regularly or changes times on a weekly basis.

I will attempt to find out more, but for now I would recommend temporarily removing this one.


Diolch Nicky! This is definitely the kind of info I need - I’ll put ‘on hold until further notice’ on the listing. :slight_smile:


Hei Catrin
Mae grwp Exeter yn iawn, mi fydda i’n tagio chi efo manylion cyfarfodydd dyfodol ar ol Mis Chwefror.
The Exeter group is correct for February 2020, I will tag you into meeting details after that one.
With much thanks for your hard work. Please treat me as the main contact.


Hey Caroline, thanks for your message.
Hopefully see you in February.


The Washington, D.C. info is perfect. No changes needed!


The details for the Thursday London meetup are fine thanks!


In view of Deborah’s commitments and current situation, you might like to remove her name as a contact person for the Cloncedigion meeting. Otherwise, the entry for Cloncedigion describes the situation exactly. I’ll let you know as soon as I have enough reponses to my enquiry about the will (or not) to continue.


There is a weekly mid-day meeting (Thursdays in the library) in Malvern, not too far from Worcester.


Diolch everyone for continuing to send me new info as you have it - it’s just what I need! :slight_smile:

This week’s email has gone out this morning. So all new info from this point on will be added to nest week’s email, though I will be amending the above list.

Thanks again!


Swansea is right fo Ty Tawe. :slight_smile:


DWLC Workshops are all held at Derby Friends Meeting House, St Helens Street, Derby


Diolch bawb for the fresh info! I will be doing final updates for the email tomorrow evening and it will be sent out on Tuesday morning. :slight_smile: