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Can we get a group set up in Northampton?


Sounds good to me. See you on Sunday :smile:


Hi Fay, meeting with another learner on Sunday 31st at cafe of Dunelm St.James Retail Park Northampton NN1 1ET at 2.30 p.m. - come and join us if you can.


Ah, many thanks for the invitation - sadly 'tis my daughter’s birthday and we are doing stuff :smile: Have fun anyway xxx


Does anyone fancy another get together? How about Sunday 19th July? I know there were a few people from Milton Keynes area who said they wouldn’t mind coming.


Yes Ceri I could come on that date, hopefully get a few more there.


I’ve just emailed a few people, lets hope we get some others to attend


I’ve had no more takers unfortunately. Perhaps we should try again later in the year?


OK Ceri, we’ll try again after the holiday months - a lot of people may be away and not available for a meeting.


Did the Northampton group ever get off the ground. I go the Milton Keynes group once a month, but live halfway between MK and Northampton, so could also join you in Northampton. I need the practice! Hwyl, Jan


Hi i would also be interested in a Northampton meet if it goes ahead




I’m interested too.



Maybe we could organise a meet up one evening in November? Do you have a venue in mind?


I would definitely be coming to a Northampton meeting, and I think that more people are interested now - please let me know when you have decided on a date / venue.


I can do most evenings possible meet could be the whacky warehouse on Bedford road might even be a a hungry horse now its hard to keep up all sizes of tables so will suit any size and it’s out of the centre


Monday / or Thursday evening would be best for me - lets see who else replies on this topic, then perhaps we can organise a get-together to suit.


Either of those would be ok for me I was hoping we might have had a few other replies


I had a look at the members’ map earlier this week and found a few other SSIW members who live in this area - I shall try and get in touch with them next week, no names given but some addresses - failing that I will put an advert in the local paper, the Chronicle & Echo.


Sounds good I think it would be good to meet people at different levels also i think speaking to other people in Welsh can only make the learning process easier and more fun also talking to yourselc all the time cant be good for you :joy:


I have sent letters to 9 SSIW members in the Northampton area who showed on the members’ map asking if they would be interested in meeting on a regular basis, included my name and Northampton phone number for them to respond to. Just waiting to hear from them.


Hiya did any reply back to you or we the only 2 lol ive been looking further afield Milton Keynes etc but there most of the last posts were around 2014 so I doubt if they are still going