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Can we get a group set up in Northampton?


I had one reply from a gentleman who left a message on my phone to say he had no association with anything Welsh and did not know how his name got on to the SSIW website. I am now following a link to some probable Welsh speakers in Desborough - will follow this up and report on any results.


How peculiar - could you let us know who it was (via private message if you’d prefer) so that we can make sure that his details are fully removed from the site? :slight_smile:


Have you tried using the Amikumu app to see if you can find any Welsh speakers in the area? I know a recent participant in a 5-day intensive course who lives in Northampton uses it, and he’s keen to speak with others. He doesn’t seem to be here on the forum though.


Thanks Dee i will have a look at that


Did this ever get off the ground?


Did this idea ever get off the ground?


There’s nothing happening in Northampton yet that I know of, but I can put a note in Tuesday’s newsletter if you like and see if there’s anyone interested now :slight_smile:


Hi Dee. Yes that would be great, diolch


Hiya, unfortunately not. Also hoping there is a bit more interest also


I’m writing the newsletter right now, so croesi bysedd - fingers crossed!


I’m not in Northampton, but am close (MK). I’d be interested depending on when and where.


Some of the Coventry/Rugby group might be interested - Coventry isn’t a million miles away! @TrevorJones2 @mintonman @david-davies @lornarhodes


It is if you travel by London Northwestern!!


I live about 40 mins away from Northampton by car (Southam) so would love to hear how this develops. Saturdays would be best for me and I’m afraid I’d probably be a part timer (seem to spend a lot of time as Dad’s taxi service at the moment!)


Incidentally @Leeharper1 @aaltinaharminawalker from our experience in the Coventry group, if there are still two of you I would still recommend going ahead with the meetups. We had two people for a long time and it was actually very helpful because you then get one-to-one conversation practice for the whole session and you can’t switch off. Once it got about that there was a regular meeting, new people started to come. :slight_smile:


True any chance to practice with somebody else has to be good thing