Cardiff SSiW meet-ups 2019


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Pawb!

Anyone coming to the Bragdy a Chegin tonight? Phil and I will be there anyway, enjoying the Monday night Burger Special (just hope it’s still on offer!).



I think it’s time to call time on this group. So often it is only Phil and I there, and I know there are other alternative groups meeting on the same night. When Dee, Desmond and I started the group, about 9 years ago, we were the first group of SSIW I believe. It was 2 or 3 years later that the Welsh for Adults Department started their own chat groups. Over those years we have seen many people come as very tentative beginners in Welsh and seen them go from strength to strength and become competent Welsh speakers.

We are still up to meeting with any visitors to Cardiff whenever possible. Just post on here, or send me a PM so that we can fix a time and place.

Many thanks to all those who have attended this group over the years, either as a regular or a visitor. It is good to know that some have moved to live in mainly Welsh-speaking areas and others have started up groups nearer their homes. All have made a valuable contribution to the furtherance of the Welsh language via SSIW.

There is no doubt that I will see some of you around and about and look forward to meeting up with Others at the big birthday bash in May too.

Best wishes to all of you, past and present



Llongyfarchiadau to you and Phil! You’ve been such staunch supporters of the group and kept it going through the years. It’s a shame that it’s coming to an end, but in a way a good sign that there are other Welsh language opportunities in Caerdydd that people can go to.

See you again soon!

Dee xx


Hi Dee. Please will you mention this in the weekly newsletter so that people don’t turn up next month.


It’s in there already :slight_smile:


Well done! You are always on the ball!!


I find this both strangely sad and uplifting at the same time - to think of ALL the people you’ve helped in the last TEN YEARS… :star: :star2: :heart:


Dwi’n tipyn siomedig i glywed hynny, achos doeddwn i ddim gwybod amdanynt!

Your point about the Cymraeg o Oedolion meets is valid - as the Uni courses have gone from strength to strength recently, the meets have become more popular and organised. Their new addition of Matt Spry is proving valuable, and he has taken the initiative with meets of his own in Splott.

Though I haven’t been yet, I’m hoping the monthly socials at the Urban Taphouse (Tiny Rebel) in town have been popular too.

Must SSiW meets be kept totally separate from Cardiff Uni meets? Or is there a way of collaborating?

Either way, I would be up for meets of some kind in Cardiff soon. I haven’t been able to attend since the summer due to poor health.


It is a shame that this meet has come to an end now. I think for those of us who were wanting to attend each month but couldn’t because of commitments outside of the group (work, childcare etc) it would be unfair to keep it going just in case we were available. Also, with new groups springing up on other days of the week, there is now more flexibility for those who can only do the occasional meet.

But 9 years is a really good run in terms of a regular meet, which was originally a weekly meet until just over 4 years ago. Since I moved to Cardiff I got to meet many lovely and inspiring people at this meet - regular or visitors passing through. I do hope to keep in touch with many of you, and hopefully see you about in Cardiff and the Vale very soon.
Diolch i Ali a Phil am gadw y cyfarfod yma’n mynd. All the best to you both! :slight_smile:


Hi Ali
just to reinforce the message of thanks, I remember all the help I had at the Cardiff meetings,upstairs in Coffee # 1. All thanks to Dee,you,Phil and SJ.
Diolch yn fawr.


Many thanks Gav. I remember when I first met you, in a packed Mochyn Du with Cordydd singing carols. You said that you hoped one day to move to Cardiff if you could find a job. One day I was getting on a bus when I saw an advert for drivers and PMd you, but by then you were already in the process of applying and it was not long before you arrived to live in the area. Your present main route is one that I use often, so I always look for you! I generally get on/off at Victoria Park or Windway Road, so will continue to look out for you and I am sure that our paths will cross now and again.

All the best



Hi David. I remember our long talks about our allotments! I gave mine up two years ago, but have since moved to another part of Cardiff and have a garden now. Am planning what to grow this season so if we meet we can still talk vegetables!!

Best wishes



Haha , I’ve still got my allotment,mostly growing weeds at the moment.!


Hi Ali,

I’ve just come to the forum to look for a SSiW meet-up in Cardiff. Sorry to see that this one has now finished. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the other groups you mention?

Diolch yn fawr



Hi Martyn, Colin here. There are meets in Cardiff city center at 1pm Mondays in Llaeth a Siwgr upstairs in the old library and 1pm on Friday in Cafe Zest in Howells. I usually go to both so you would have a friendly face. A great group of people mostly learners of varying ability or ex-learners. Not a SSIW group as such but then most people have used it to learn as it’s the best


Hi Colin, thanks for that. I will try to make one of those soon!


Hi Colin, are there any that are evening/weekend based. Hoping to be moving down to Cardiff soon so would love to be able to make some.


Hi, I know of the one on Broadway on a Wednesday night but I haven’t been to that one. And there is a clonc on a Monday evening at Chapter Arts Centre.


There’s a calendar on the Dysgu Cymraeg Caerdydd website that lists lots of events:


Thank you both for the suggestions. The interview is tomorrow so fingers crossed!