Carmarthen conversation groups?


I would be interested in this but can’t do Thursdays or Fridays!


Thanks for the heads up. We’ll be talking about various options tonight.


During laat week’s meet up we came up with a different plan, to try and meet the wishes of those for whom Thursday nights don’t work. We’ll be meeting once a month on a Tuesday night and once a month on a Friday night. This arrangement starts on Tuesday 19 June and continues on Friday 6 July. Still meeting in the Ivy Bush. We hope to see many of you there.


I’ll be there on the Fridays and on the Tuesdays on the occasions I’m not away. Look forward to seeing you all


Diolch @margaretnock! I’ve worked out I can be there on the occasional Friday, so looking forward to that!


This is the schedule of dates that has been agreed for the Caerfyrddin meetups for the rest of the year - how’s that for efficiency?

Twice a month, rather than every other week, once on a Tuesday night, once on Friday.
This is how the dates work out.

Friday 3 August
Tuesday 14 August
Friday 31 August
Tuesday 18 September
Friday 5 October
Tuesday 16 October
Friday 2 November
Tuesday 20 November
Friday 30 November
Tuesday 18 December


Tim, I’m doing the ssiw 6 month course and I too would like to meet with a conversation group. Just read your April note. Did you find a group meeting in Llandeilo? That would suit me too.


Hi @june-stait. There’s a conversation group that meets fortnightly on Friday mornings in Llandeilo. It’s not an SSIW group, but has people of all abilities and is led by Jean Hughes, an experienced and able tutor. I usually go, but won’t be going this week, 17 August. If you want to go, I’ll send you the details.


Are you volunteering at the Botanic Garden, @NikiW? I am there quite a bit.


Is the meetup still on at the Ivy Bush this Friday, 31st, @dee, @margaretnock?

OK to come along? How will I recognise you?



Hiya, no I only volunteer occasionally now for the British Bird of Prey Centre based at the gardens.


I am at the Stable Block some days if you would like to meet up - I am working there part-time.


Yes. Ivy Bush, 7pm this Friday. Look for the knitter.
@billigog, @roblisle, @johndray


Hello Margaret,

I’d also be interested in attending the Llandeilo group if possible to make up for the one I miss in the Ivy Bush each month. Do you have the details please? See you Friday


I’ve sent you a PM.


Shwmae all.

Our next meetup is in the Ivy Bush on Friday 2nd November and the one after that is on Tuesday 20th November. The lovely Rhian Evans has invited Sarah Reynolds to be with us at the meet up on the 20th. Sarah was a finalist in last years Dysgwr y Flwyddyn and has written two novels along the theme of learning Welsh. She lives in/near Carmarthen. She was a very recent guest on Beti a’i Phobl if you want to know more about her.
If you are at all interested, please come along and meet her. I’m extending this invitation to any SSIWers out there, particularly including @byron of the Cidweli/Kidwelly group and @ant of the Llanelli group. Please ask your friends and relations! If you could give me an indication of how many people might come I would be very grateful, but it’s not required. @billigog, @Coralie, @Gruffydd, @roblisle, @johndray @dee, @annmoore,

Special Meet up for the Carmarthen SSIW group

That sounds great @margaretnock! I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to that one.


Hi Margaret… beth yw’r amser y cyfarfod plis


Saith tan nawr. 7 til 9.


Final call for the SSIW meet up tomorrow night, 7 pm with our guest Sarah Reynolds.