Carmarthen conversation groups?


I was looking forward to this, but a couple of things have come up so I can’t make it. I hope you have a good evening!


Shw mae Margaret, I’m visiting my elderly mother in Carmarthen for a few weeks from Melbourne and am hoping that the Ivy Bush meet-up is still on for Friday 30th November. If so I will definitely be there at 7… Bill


It is definitely on. We look forward to meeting you. I may be knitting, I’ll probably be with my friend Rhian (who is blind) if you want to look out for us.


Diolch Margaret. see you there on Friday


@billigog, @Coralie, @roblisle, @Gruffydd, @johndray, @dee, and any other SSIW friends. A note to remind you that next week’s meet, Tuesday 18 December is NOT in the hotel as usual but in a friend’s home nearby. If you plan to come, but don’t know where it is please PM me and I’ll give you the address. Parking would be best in St Peter’s car park.


I won’t make it again sadly, although I’m still very much on board and planning to come when work permits.


To all SSIW ers in the Carmarthen area, and especially @dee, @billigog, @billspawton, @Coralie, @roblisle, @Gruffydd, @johndray, these are the 2019 dates for our meet ups.
Friday January 4,
Tuesday January 15,
Friday Feb 1,
Tuesday February 19,
Friday March 1st,
Tuesday March 19,
Friday April 5,
Tuesday April 16,
Friday May 3rd.
Tuesday May 14th,
Friday May 30th,
Tuesday June 18th,
Friday July 5th,
Tuesday July 16th,
Friday August 2nd,
Tuesday August 20th,
Friday September 6,
Tuesday September 17,
Friday October 4,
Tuesday October 15,
Friday November 1st,
Tuesday November 19,
Friday December 6,
Tuesday December 19,
Blwyddyn Newydd dda i chi i gyd.


And @margaretnock wins the Gold Star for being the most organised SSiW meetup organiser of all time! :star2:


Well, there’s actually 2 of those dates I can’t make, being the SSIW party weekend and the Eisteddfod, but it was easier to just stick to those dates. I don’t Have to be at every meeting, I just happen to have been at the vast majority of them.