Carmarthen conversation groups?


hi, dwi wedi newedd symed i Gapel Isaac, a bydda i’n hoffi yn fawr iawn gwrdd gyda pobl yng Nghaerfyrddin er mwyn siarad Cymraeg!
I just moved to Capel Isaac and would love to meet with people in Carmarthen to speak Welsh! I would love to come along to a session in the area. i don’t know if i’m ready for an advanced course yet but llandeilo would be closer to me than st clears… any advice anyone?


Judy and I would like to invite you all to The Glyndwr on Queen Street in Carmarthen next Thursday evening, 8th May between 6 and 8pm and we shall take it from there!


That sounds like an offer we can’t refuse.I’ll be there with my husband who is also learning welsh. How will we recognise each other? Margaret, are you any relation to the family of Nock’s who live in Brechfa?


I’ll be the one with the very short mini skirt and the black eye patch…oh no, that’s my other life.

I’m 50 something and will probably be knitting.

We’ve investigated and any relationship goes back quite a way. I think we probably are but it needs working on.


Is anyone else coming? Judging by other groups the first time we meet it’s really informal and it doesn’t matter how much or how little welsh you can speak. It’s not boot camp!


I’ll be there. See you Thursday


At least five of us! We can do things with that!


Eight of us met up last night and had a 90% Welsh evening, with varying levels of language and confidence and have agreed to meet up again in a fortnight’s time.

The idea is for fortnightly meetings on Thursday evenings from 7-9 at The Glyndwr Pub in Queen Street.

Do come!

Sorry if Thursday nights don’t work for everyone.


Really enjoyed meeting everyone last night. The conversation certainly flowed nicely and everyone joined in.It was as if we were friends already and not a group who had only just met.Thanks also to Will who came to offer support. Looking forward to our next meeting on 22 May.


It was an excellent meeting and I’ve noted that one or two really struggled. Now we know that perhaps next time we can encourage those beginners by a one on one or something and get them using what they have learned in SSiW. I hope to be there in a fortnights time. Nice venue too :slight_smile:


S’mae pawb…gobeithio byddain dod i gyfarfod nesa…dw’in miynd i hwyr achos dw’in mynd i scouts gyda’r plant o 19.30.

wela chi ! bell


We look forward to meeting you next week.


Is there room for another one? I currently attend a shrinking class on Thursday nights. Last week I was the only one there - I should have come to The Glyndwr!


Plenty of room. (I remember the shrinking class phenomenon all too well)


3 new people tonight with conversations about a new baby, a keep fit bootcamp (she’s not looking forward to it!), Hedd Wyn and Eisteddfod Chairs, a guess who I am game, and we generally had a good time.

Next meet up, in The Glyndwr, is at 7pm on June 5th.

All welcome!


I can’t make it for a few weeks as I have my parents visiting at the moment, but I do intend getting along to some of these. We had a roam around Carmarthen yesterday and I spotted the Glyndwr so I know where it is now.


hi all i wont be able to make it on thursday as ive got a childs birthday party :slight_smile: but i hope to speak with you all at the next one.


What did we talk about tonight? Where the names of Capel Isaac and Cydweli come from. Judy’s Keep Fit bootcamp and various forms of excercise we have indulged in over the years. Benjamin Zephaniah. Names and nicknames. Somehow the time flew!


hi are we meeting at the glyndwr tonight ?


Sorry we weren’t able to make it tonight. Hope you enjoy boot camp next week Margaret and anyone else who is going.