Carmarthen conversation groups?


We did meet on Thursday, a select few of us. We are booked in again in a fortnight’s time, 4th July.


Sorry to have missed the last meeting - I hope to be there on the 4th


Should that be the 3rd? Or are you meeting on the Friday this week?


3rd. Definitely Thursday 3rd. Going to try and remember to bring my Welsh Scrabble board having played and/or helped twice last week in Tresaith. No one has to play f they don’t want to, and Welsh Scrabble is fiendishly difficult. A dictionary and/or app is definitely allowed, not to say required!


We are away on hols so will see you next on 17th July. Good luck with the welsh scrabble.


I just want to check if there is a meeting of the Carmarthen group tomorrow as I have been away?


Yes, but I won’t be there. Judy will, though.


Hi all. The Thursday night meet up in Carmarthen this week will be in the Ivy Bush Hotel. 7-9 pm. The upstairs room at the Glyndwr was already booked. If you come by car you can park there but need to sign your car in at the reception. I know it’s holiday time but I look forward to hearing about all our recent or planned adventures!


Tonight at the Ivy Bush. Look forward to seeing you all. Margaret


Sorry I didn’t make it tonight. I was working in Llanelli today and passing through Carmarthen at 5pm. I had a choice of hanging about for 2 hours, or coming home to Llandysul and driving back again after an hour, which wasn’t great either so it didn’t work out. Hopefully next time.


Dee, I live near Cross Hands, so another time you could pass the time here, before going on to Carmarthen.


Thanks Margaret! I’m sure it will happen again as Llanelli is the nearest office to me. Hopefully I’ll catch up with you soon.


Carmarthen meet up this Thursday, 11th September, 7-9 at the Ivy Bush Hotel on Spilman Street. I look forward to seeing you all.


Hi folks, I came once and talked about the baby (mentioned above). I’m really sorry I have not been able to make it since. It’s not because I don’t want to or anything but because of the baby! I have been tirelessly speaking my Welsh, but I miss coming to the group.

Gobeithio wela i eich gweld chi yn fuan



Hi Tim a phawb, We now are meeting in the Ivy Bush on Spilman Street and will be there tomorrow night. I’m glad Anwen will be a bilingual baby!

Hwyl Fawr,


Hi Everyone,

The Carmarthen meet up has been going since the end of May and for the past three months three of us have been going to the Ivy Bush regularly. We don’t feel this is enough to keep the group viable.

Did you come to the group at the start? Did you think about it, but in the end decide not to come? Is there anything you would like to see the group doing that we aren’t doing? Meeting more often, or less often? Another day, another place, doing different things? How do you see the future of the Carmarthen meet up?

Those who are still coming would be grateful for any ideas as to how, or even if, the group should continue.

Our next meeting is on November 6th at the Ivy Bush Hotel, 7-9 pm. Free parking and good coffee! Come and help us brainstorm a future!

Hwyl Fawr


Hi, My name is Peter Morgan, I live in Ammanford and would like to come along as I have great difficulty practicing at the moment, I don’t know whether my Welsh will stand up for long, or I have no confidence. Could you let me know if they are still going and what date, time and venue? I have only just discovered the Forum but will be logging on more regularly, know I now there are others like me out there.


Hi Pete.

I’m sure your Welsh is much better than you think! We would love you to come and practice with us next Thursday!

Hwyl Fawr,



All being well will see you on Thursday, I replied to your Mail via Outlook before logging and seeing all the information I’d asked for, silly me.


Look forward to seeing you. Look for someone knitting!